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The Preface. th The fecondRankofChurch-difturbers ate DOGMA.' TI STS or men that profefs exceeding zeal for 0XTHO. D o X Opinions, or Theological Knowledge. And thus: three inflances tell us of' the Caufeofour Calamities, I. That of Geoflick and Heretical perlons who account every new Conceit of theirs to be worthy the propagating, . even at the rate of Theological Wars and Church Confufions; and cryout [Buy the Truth, andfell it not], when it is fume error of their own, or fome unprofitable or unneceflary notion: .2. The cafe of the 12onani/ls ( to fay nothing of all the Old contentious Bithops and Councils, and the controverfies aboutPerfota and ,H }poflafs; and about many words and forms of fpeech ). What do theDoman Councils for many hundred years 1aí1, but on pretence of preferving the faith uncorrupted, multiply divifions and new Articles of faith (quoad nos) ? And while they cry down moll of Chrifis Church as Heretical or greatly erroneous, they have run themfelves into the groffeff errors almoft that humane na- ture is capableof ( even to the making it neceffary to fal- vation,to deny our own and all the found mens fenfes in the World inthe cafe ofTranfubflantiation ). 3. Thecafe of theScholmen, and_.fuch otherDi/piuting Milih fainTheologues : who have fpun out the Doarine of Chriflia- nitT into fo many Spiders Webs ; and filled theWorld with fo manyVolumes of Controverfies, as are fo many Engines of contention, hatred and divifion : And I would ourProte- Rant Churches, Lutherans and Calvinifs, had not too great a number offuchmen, as are far fhort of the Schoolmens fub- tiny, but much exceed them in the enviouJnefi of their seal, and the bitternef and railings of their difputes, more openly ,ferving the Prince of hatred again$$ the Caufeof Love and Peace. O how many famous Difputers, inSchools, Pulpit and Prefs, do little know what Spirit they are of, and what reward they muff expea ofChrifl,forsnaking odious his Ser- vants, deflroying Love, and dividing*his Kingdom ? How many fuch have their renown as little to their true comfort, as Alexanders andCefars for their bloodyWars ? Rut how cometh this (Dogmatical Zeal fo CO prevail ? Con- fider, ,i. Nature it felf is Delighted inKnowing much : Elfe Satan had not made it Eves temptation. WithoutGrace,even The- ological Speculations may be very pleating tomens minds. Morality andHolinefs is principally feated in the Will. (b 2) 2. Safari