Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

The Preface..' z. Satan bath here a far fairer bait, than worldly Wealth and Pleafures and Honours, to tempt men, and keal away their hearts, from that Love and Pratice which is Holinefs indeed. All men are bound to Love Gods Word, and his Truthm.ufl be precious to us all : and now it is eafie for the hypocritical Dogmatik to take up here, and make him- felf a Religion of Zeal for thofe opinions, which he entitleth God to. And O that I could (peakthis loud enough to awa- ken the Learned Worldof Difputers, to fomuch jealoufe of their own hearts, as is neceffary to their own fafety; as well as to the Churches peace : This thing called Orthedoxnefl', Truthand Kight,,believing (precious in it felf, ifit be what it is called,) is made by Satan an ordinary means to deceive Learned men, and keep them from a holy and heavenly mind and life, whengroffer cheats would be lefs effeual Theologie is valuedby many as theMathematicks are, as a pleafant fort of knowledge ; and by others as the Jews were zealous of their Law, by a formal fort ofReligioufnefs; one fort being zealous for their Opinions, and another for their Ceremonies from the like principle of formality. 3. Yet Nature that would know much, is dull and flothful, and loth to be at that great and longkudy and labour necef- fary to obtain it. 4. And it is but few that are born with a quick natural capacity. 5. And it is not the mole that have the happinefs of very wife, experienced and throughly Learned Teachers: but moll are inftrulted'by half wittedmen. And young per- fons know not how to choofe the bell for themfelves, nor their Parents neither ordinarily. 6. Eafe and Interek, or the Veneration of certainperlons, maketh men fall in with thole Opinions that are in bell ekeem in the placeswhere they live, and among the per- fons whom theymoil value. q. Reafon is mansnoble faculty, and thereforethat which man is aptek to beProud of : And though few have much knowledge and wifdoin,almok all would be thought to have it, and are too proud to endure to be accounted ignorant or erroneous. 8.The Dignity of the Pakoral Office,and Academical De- grees, maketh men think that the Honour ofknowledge is their due, and neceffary to their work. And therefore they will expel and claim it that deferve it not : and it fha11 be