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CONTTHEE HE Preface. Pag.I. Seét: 1. The Prefuppofed Principles briefy repeated; p.1 Seit. 2. Theorder ofDivineoperations, p.9. Seit:.3. Of the Operations and Principles as compa- red," p.12. Seit. q. Howfar God r eth Means, p. 16. Seit. 5. Ofthe Califes of the different Ells of Grace ( and Means ), p. 1_8. Seit. e. -Óf the Limitations OfGods Operations on theSoul, p. 2o. Seit, 7: Of the Refiflibility of Grace, p. 21. Seit. 8. what is that operation ofGod on the Soul, enquired ofin many following Qefions? And whether fearchable byman? p. 22. Seit. 9. whetherGods Operation be equal on all? p.31. Seit. to. whether it bePhyfical or Moral? P. 32. Sett, 11. What Free-will man bath to spiritualGood, P. 35. S9á.12: More ofPredetermination byPhyficalPremotiorì, P. 37. Seat: 13. More ofMans Power, Natural and Moral, P.43. Seit. 14. whether the giving ofFaith be anait ofomnipotencyandacre-. ation ? and a Miracle ? p. 46. Seí`t. 15. Of the Sufficiency andEfjicaty of Grace ? P. 48 Seit. 16. Of Infrared Habits and theHoly Ghofl, eves fpecial Grace, p. 53 Seit. 17. whether Man be meetly Pave as to theftrfl Grace ? 1 p.55.. Seit. 18. whether the Oft Grace, and the New and Soft Heart, or Faith it fel bePromifed or Given abfolutely, or on any Condition to beper- formed by man? ibid. Seit. i 9. How God may be Paid to Carafe theAlls ofSin, p 57. Seit. zo. How far God, and howfar man himfelf, is the Carafe of Hell and other punifhments, P. 62. The Conclufisn. r. The Concevons of the Synod of Dort , fpecialy the Brittifh Divinesi More ofDivineMotion or Imprefs, p. 67. Aaa a 2 .2. The