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The Contents. 2. The Epitome ofAlvárez deAuail, drawn up by himfilf in Epilogo in Twenty Concluions, confidered, p. 70. t. 3. ,r1 Cenfure of the other three wayes defcribed by him, viz. t. The ye_ faits de Scientia Media, 75 V4.. 2. Durandus's way, 76. ?) 5. 3. That of the Scotifts and Nominals: OfGods partial Caufality, p.79. 0.6. The true face and Scheme of the Dominican Predeterminant way, in the Senfe and Confequents, inFifty Propofztions, and the Reafons of my preferring any before this, A summary of all, to fatisfe fiber minds. F $" p. I06, Additional Animadverfions on Mr. Peter Sterrey's Book of Free-will making God theAuthor of Good and Evil, as he is ofLight andDark_ .esll Zu oJ"ffcl,zsar:u 12-4 az9>, 06" . f}n:m v +t.on4an 9 3'9 Th6