Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

The `Preface. contendings, O vain glorious Militant (.lergie ! Learn of the Prince of peace and the holy Angels that preached him, togive Glory to God in the bighefl, whogiveth (Peace on Earth, and welhpleafedneß in (or towards) men. Did Chrift or his Apofties make fuch work for Chrillians as you do? The great Shepherd of the flock will take your pretences of OP DEP, O XTHODOXINLESS (or Truth) and rP I ETT, for noexcufe, for your corrupting 0XD E ck FAITH and P .ÁCTICE by your 1 TXANAT, S ELF-CONCEITED Z\ESS and blind ZEAL and SUPEA.§Ti I0 ,; and for ufinghis name again fthim- felf, to the deftroying of that Love, and Concord and Unity which he hath bequeathed to his Church; and for ferving his enemy, and dividing hispeople,and hardningInfidels and ungodly ones by thefe fcandals. Return to the primitive fimplicity, that we may return to unity, Love andpeace. Dream not of them upon your own corrupting terms. And read and read over again and again Jam.;. which doth defcribe you, condemnyou, and inftruel you. If you fay, Fhyfìcion heal thy /elf : Who bath wrote more of Controverfies ? I anfwer, perufe what I have written, and you will fee, it is of Controverfies but againfl Controverfes, tending to End and reconcile. If any thing be otherwife ( except neceffary defenceof certainneceffary faith orduty ) I retratt it, and condemnit : Let it be as not written. I have meddled much with Controverfies in this Book: but it is to end them.TheGod ofPeacegiveWifdom and peaceableprin- ciples, minds andhearts to his fervants, that (though I (hall not live to fee it) true Love andPiety may revive in the Chriftian world, by the endeavours of a healing Miniry, and the fha; ming, reftraint and reformationof the C ON, I'E ?\jTIO U, S CLER_GIE, whether TYPAN,NICAL, DOGMATI. CAL, or SUPEP,STITIOUS. Amen. fan. 25. a 67t. Of