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Of D I V I S Í ON S and CONTENT I ONS among Chriftians, Confide[ I. TheDevils: T Í. PERSONS; l r. A Contentions Clergie. T. 2. Men:11,2. Unwife and wickedRulers inftigàted by them: Z 43: The deceived people that follow them. t t. Selfifhnefs inCarnal- hypocrites, who prefer worldly interefl: La c I. Remotely 2, Slothfulnefs inStudents, in feeking truth. w II.QUALI- , C3. Haftinefs in Judging , before digeá:d conceptions and proof. w TIES, viz. II. Near- t. Humility and felf-acquaintance t Pride. t ly :Want z. Knowledge : Ignorance and Error. of 3. Love to others : Envy, Malice and Bitternefs. Fes. III.Inftru- I. In General: Corrupt departing from Chriftian Simplicity. f- ments, or r. From SimplicityofDotrine, by DOGMATISTSWords & Notions Engines, 2.Particularly, z. From Simplicityof Practice, by SUPERSTITIOUS additions; 3. From Simplicityof Difcipline by CHURCH-TYRANNY. DISCORD, [ T. InJUDGMENT ofthings neceffary, r Privatíve;by denying I I. CONSTI- due Commun one TUTIVECan- ALIENATION, [ z. In WILL and AFFECTION, > r:ByContention, fes, viz. e e z. Malice. . DIVISION, E 3. In Necelfary PRACTICE, o°, 3= Hurtfulnefs to , each other: f I. OnTHINGS, ( I. Dotrine & Preaching, andWriting, turning it into vain and hurtful wrangling, viz.on Church- z. Worfhip, Prayer, Sacraments,corrupting them by faftion, partiality and wrath, 3. Difcipline, corrupting it into Secularor fa&ious Tyranny, or adead Image. r. Themfelves ,CSa. The Guiltand Deceit of falfe Religious zeal. 2. Their fol -S2. The Death of trueHolinefs and Heavenly Coelverfation; lowers: C3. The Death of Love, and Life ofWrath andinjúries. 3. Rulers, a. Corrupting themby fatious clamours againft their Subjets. Tempting them unto perfecuting Laws andExecutions. fI. Particu- 3, Engaging themin bloody Wars abroad. far, 4. The r Private r. Bycenfures,flanders,backbitings,making themhated. Irmo- perfonte 2. Denying them due Love,Communion and help. cent , 3. Perfecution, filencing, andother mifchiefs. viz. z.Prin-ç I. Weakning and grieving them by theSubjets difcords: I PER On Ittju ces, 2Difhonouring them bydefaming Excommunications. ties to 3. Urging them to be the Clergies Liltora or Executioners, SONS, 5. Enemies and Strangers, fcandalizing and hardning them in Infidelity & fin, viz. a. Corrupting them in Do&rine,Worfhip and Order. I. Chur- z. Weakning them by difcord anddivifion. ches : 3. Shaming them before theWorld. ÿf 4.Making them lets fit for Gods Loge and Communion, II. Kingdoms : Weakning them, difhonouring them , and drawing them into thé i. GuiltofFeuds, Warsand Perfecutions. a. Chriff the Prince ofPeace, and the Churches Head and Center, w I. Perfons, z. WifePrinces, who underftand the Intereft of a,Chtift, 2 .Their peoples 3, Themfelves4 3. Able, Wife, Holy and Peaceable Pallors. w 4. The Mature, Experienced, Mellow, Peaceable fort of the people. I. Diligent Study under wife Teachers. I. Humility, w4 II. Qualities, 2. Sincere Holinefs : A dying life : - 2. Knowledge. 3. Deliberate Judging upon tryal. 3. Love, to others as our felves; [ r, InDotrine : The antient Creed, &c. I. Returning to Chriftian Simplicity z, In Worship. III.Means, 3. In Difcipline. z. Magiftrates forcing the Clergie to keep the peace, and forbear ftrife, 3. Subjets obedience in all lawful things required by Authority, t. Rulers, Pallors and people ofone MIND, 2. One HEART in Love, 3.One MOUTH and pra&ice, in things NecefJ''ry, in Communion and mutual help : And mutualloving for.. bearance in Infirmities and things unneceffiry ; edified in Love, 1. GLORY t. In the Hallowing ofhis Name, and Honour of Religion. to God, 3. 2. I f n the Doing of hisWill Earth, ast is done in Heaven, VI. The EF- "a. Increafe ofHolinefs, Heavenlinefs and Love. V. HEALTH or Cure. FECTS hereof. IEarhace on . 2.Mutual Delight herein : The Joy of Health and Concord. 3. The Churches Strength and Glory, III. Gods WELLPLEAS-5His Church will be meet for his Love, Delight and Ce EDNESS in MEN ; munion, asid be liker to Heaven, and enjoy its foretaftes,