Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

T H E CONTENTS OF THE Second Book. Thefi st days Conference, about Predeflination. He geed of conciliatory endeavours, p. i, 2. What this undertaking ss, p. 3. Predetermination to sin excluded ; the cafe briefly opened, The rfl C f rimination by the Arminian :< Of eternal abfolute Reproba- tion, p. 6. Whether a thing not exfent may be a Moral caufe; orGod's Atli have cattle:, p. 7. How far Gods Decrees may be faid to have ex- irinfick caufes, p. 8. Thefecond Crimination , ofGod'sdecreeing sin ; either to predetermine it, or the event, or his permifJon, p. 9. The third Crimination : Neceffitationof Sin by Negative decrees. Ne- gationof decrees opened, p. i i. The fourthCrimination; The pure Maffe whether the objell of Prede- ftination, p. I 2. Decreesdiffinguifhed, p. 13. The fifth Crimination; Do the Decrees proceed according to the orderof Intention, or ofExecution, p. 14. ThefifthCrimination ; Denying all conditional Decrees, p. i 6. Thefeventh Crimination ; Of abfolute Eleltion, p. 17. The eighth Crimination; Leading men to prefumption hereby, p. e8. Theninth Crimination; setting neceffity andfate, p. 19. The tenthCrimination; Making Goda Refpe5ter ofperfons, byunequal Decreer, p. 21. TheeleventhCrimination ; Making Godand MiniflersDißßemblers,p.2 2. Crim. 12. of a vainpower given, p. 23. Thefecond days Conference, The Crimination by the Calvin.. What good this conciliatory attemptmay do, p. 2¢. Thefrrfl Crimination, Denying eleílion uncomfortable. The fecondCrim. An elellion ofThings inflead of Perfons, p. 26. The thirdCrim. Denying adecree ofthe frrfl fpecial Grace. Thefourth Crim. ofScientia Media, p. 27. The fifth Crim. Denying Abfolute Reprobation. Reprobation opened, p. 29, 3o. Whether Godwill sin, p. 3o. or the Ait, p. 3 r. Nowfar man can caufe his alt undetermined, p. 32. Pretences forGods canjing sin, an- A 2 fwered.