Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .B397 1675

The Contents. fwered. HOWGod caufeth theeffect and not the Volition, p. 85, &c. What God doth about Sin, p. 37. Thefixth Crim. Of Conditional decrees, p. 38. Thefeventh Crim. Offorefeen Merit, p. 39. The eighth Crim. Of making many ElePtions, p. 4o. The ninth Crim. Ordering the Decrees according to Execution, p. 41. Hem God cloth Vellefinem. The Cafe opened, p.42. The tenth Crim. denyingan eternal caul offuturition , p. 4.5. Whether futurity beany thing, andhave any caufe, p. 48. The third days Conference, Of tiniverfal and Special Redemption. Thefirfl Crim. of theArmin. denying Chri(l's office to the world, p. 5o. * To which 1 here Calviniftsfor univerfal Redemption, what all agree in, p. 54. *DidChr jl add the Church of die equallyfor all, p. 55. EnglandHomil.1i. 2. The fecond Crim. Denying exprefs Scripture, p. 57. The Synod of Dort pa85.[God foloved vindicated, p. 59. the world that he The thirdCrim. The y den y the Go l el Covenant it f el f P 61. gave his only Son, érc.] But to whom Thefourth andfifth Crim. Makingan impoffibility, or falfbood the objeti did hegive him ? He of faith, p. 62. gave him to the The fxth, feventh, and eighth Crim. Difabling Minihers to Preach, wholewon Id, that is leavingmolt men remedilefs 5 teaching Infidels impenitence, p. 63. to fay to Adam, The ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth Crim. Exempting men from Hell and to all that thould torments; u r in Ingratitude denying Chrifl's Kingdoms; tempting come after him ! men to Infidelity, g64,65. what had A- f y, p. 4, . dam or any other man deferved at God's hands, that he The fourth days Conference. lhould give us his on- ly Son? We are all miferable Sinners , The Calviniftsfirfl Crim. Making Chryl dye in vain, for them that he damnable perlons , knew would perifh, p. 66. jufly driven out of Thefecond Crim. An imperfect Saviour, p. 67. The third Crim. Dying jullly ex- ' y g eluded from Heaven, formen in Hell, P. 67- and juttly condemned Thefourth Crim. To diefor thole whom he would not prayfor, p. 68. toHell.Seea Learned Thefifth Crim. Making Chrifi not to purchafefaith, p. 69. Gentleman'sReafons The fixth,feventh,eighth,andninth Crim. entertain conditionalRedemp- for Vniverf. Kedemp. tien 5 nomore for thePaved than thedamned : Chrill's fheep to know him (yet living) Mr.Pole- beforehe know them; Pardoning Originalsin to all, p.7o. bill ofGods Decreer. Crim. 1 o. To die for the Seedof theSerpent, p. 72. Thefifth days Conference, Of Man's Sinfulnef, and Impotency, and of Free-will. The Armin. Crim. rft. Denying allfree-will, they denyall i6torality,P.73. What Liberty is here meant ? largely difuffed, to p. 79. What Libertywe hold, p. 79. Doth Original Sin neceffitateall evil, p. 82. Thefecond Crim. Denying Powerto believe, p. 85. What [Power') [can] and [cannot] mean, p. 86, fullier opened, p. 87, &c. ueffions hence an- fwered,