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AM. io Ofthe Nature, I(noitledge, Will t byman ) : Therefore this propofition [ HOC futurum eft] was not ,from Eternity ; Becaufe nonentis non funt affelliones. 78. But if there had been fuch Propoltions from Eternity, as, [ The world will be made, aryl will be incarnate, &c. ] they would have been true: And fo the eternal Futurity of things, as commonly difputed of, can be nothing but the Eternal Verity of a Prepoftiö defseteeritione, which was no propofition ( becaufe then there was none; only in time mans brain Imagineth or feigneth that then there might have been crea- tures, who might have ufed propofitions defuturitione return, which if they had, they would havebeen true. 79. All Verity is either, u. Rei, a. Cenceptus, 3. Expre onis; And t. Ubi non eft Res, ibi non eft Verities Rei : The thing which was not fromEternity, wasnot a True Thing fromEternity. a. TheDivine know- ledge that fuck and fuch things will be, was True from Eternity, by an incomprehenfible way above propofitions. 3. If there had been any Propofitions Mental or verbal de raisinMaritime, they would have been true.And this is all that can trulybe Paid of the Eternity offeeturition. 80. Only this being added, that fo far as Gods will was the firft Caufe determining of any thing that will be, fo far he was eternally the Caufeof the truth of this propofition, the erit, when fuck a propolition (hall be. 8t. But where Gods Will is not the firtt caufe of the Thing which wit be, there it is not his caufing the truth of thepropolition that is the carte that it will be ; ( Though his Knowledge be a medium from whenee it may Logicallybe inferred that it will be.) 82. Moreover, whatever is from eternity,muff be Res, or modus rei, or Relatio. But fromEternity, there is no Res futura, no modus rei futuræ, no Relatio rei futuræ. *For non entis non eft Modus, vet Relatio. If you add that it is Denominatio extrinfeca, I anfwer it muff be then God himredfonly, as denominatedKnowing, or willingthat This or that (hall be, (which is not properly the futurity of the thing). For otherwife it mutt bea denomination of Nothing. 83. Obj. TheObjeil is before the Oct of Knowledge. Thereforea thing is future before God knoweth it to befuture. Anfw. r. To befuture is a word whole found deceiveth men, as if it fignified force being; which is not fo. a. Godcannot know that a thing will be, unlefsit will be ; But this fignifieth no more but that he cannot know this propofitionto betrue [This or that will be] unlefs it be true : But r. therewere from eternity no propofitions. a. And thepropofi- tion is not true before it is apropofition. 3. And therefore not before it is conceived in themind, whence it hath its firft being. 4. But if you might fuppofe God tohave eternal propofitions, their Being is confiderable before their verity; and the verity hath its Caufe. But that caufe is no- thing but what is in God himfelf, which is either his Decree of what he will Caufe, or his foreknowledge of what will be caufed by a fin- ning Creature : And neither of them as a caufe of the truth of the pro- pafation, caufeth that the Thing wit be : nor yet is any other exiftent Caufe fuppofed; but only that, God knowing that he will make the free agent, knoweth allo that this agent willfreely fin : In all which thefts- Parity is Nothing, nor is any exiftent caufe of it necefláry : Buc only the truth of the propofition would refult from the Infinite perfedtion of Gods knowledge. 84. Obj. The futurityof things wTrue whether God or man know it or think of it or not. Anfw. r. Futurity being Nothing is neither true nor *I know that the Judi- cious Greg. Arim. t. d. 28. q. 3. pag. t22,. be. affertetr thefe four things: 1. That aliquid poteft referti realiter ad noa ens : 2. Non ens po- tef realiter referti ad ens: 3. . nod Dens nternaliter refrebatur ad creaturam qun net eras : . kuod Delta realiter refeerton ad creaturamex tenapore. And his reafons are very con- . fiderable for three of them : But as to the fe- cond which concerneth our cafe he faileth. For 1. his fielt reafon, that relationsare ever minis. al or convertible, I de- ny his proof as vain, as to the realityof the re- lation. 2. And that res non etc/tens is canfa I de- ny : A1Írii canfa, non eft. 2. And remember that he inianceth only in things as caufed or fore- known : Sin therefore can be called future but as fore-known. 3. Re- member that his Mailer Ockam hatin oft (in .l)cndl.) proved that Relations are Nothing, betides the quid abfola Imam; and &Itoo Be- ing nothing but comps- rabilitas, all is but to fay, that God fore-knew what would be, and therefore hadthere been fuch a prppóhtion from Eternity/as (This will bel it had been true. Vid. lquin. h p. d. 38. .q. e. a. e. 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