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andDecrees ofgod, &c. t':: nor falfe, * z. But all that you can truly mean is butthis, that whether M According to cr:g. it be thoughton or nor, this is a trueproportion, Hocvel plaid futurum ell and the Nominals Cerce V. of Eelations before ci- Which is true when there are propofitions, extrinfecal, which no man tea, two Nothings may thinketh of. But t. God hath nopropofirions ; a. Much lefs extrinfecal eacho,,é b on Related fu from Eternity. But if he had any, they would be nothing but the ants of turn Caufe,ánd another his own knowledge. 3. And theyhave no Caufe. 4. If they had been as a future effe& Ana uttered by words, they needed noCaufe but his erfect knowledge. ,f There were now no P but hereáfeer (per 85. Obj. Futurity isthe Ohject of Gods knowledge and the objeci is a ¡Vatbiarié f i Bfelg, t caufe of theail. God knoweth things to be future, becaufe they are fu- it is future though there tare ; as be knoweth exillents, becarefe they exit?. be none to know it. But Anfw. Still I fay, I. Futurity is Nothing ; and Nothinghathno Caule. this futurity ,cacti no CauCe : And it is no z. Nothing is eternally in God but God : and God bath no Caufe nor is ,Herr, but that dris Pro= an Effeét, 3. At leaft that which is Nothing cannotbe the Caufe of God. Petition, Hoc ale, wauta 4. It is slot true that God foreknoweth things, becaufe they will be; but"any orue if er were only that he fore knoweth that theyWill be. t To the Quertion, An 86. Gods meet foreknowledge, nor his meer will without esftcient p eel je eau Jata a rebut? B° Power or Action, caufeth not the thing future, and therefore is not the rwereth (in Caufe that It will 6e. But where Knowledge and will with Active Power 1. r. a. e.) PrR¡Tiroca.¡ú cooperate, they are true Caufes of the thin, And nothing is a proper unc prRfcaenrid Drone, ing. non effendi, fed alit rnfe- Caufe that it will be, but what willcaufe its being, rendi, alit nteendi_ _ 87. By allthisit is evinced that God Caufeth not the futurity offin; Secnndnmrationem e endi r Prefcientia poteß"e e cau- And that there needeth no Decree of God to make Sin pafs e numero fa arigu°rum ¡wu siraram, poffibilium in numerumfuturoram; And confequently that the Learned laces non enci t fed nullo and pious Dr. Twiffe his Achillean argument, which is the ftrength of d ° retien,e°`nrf'I fs his Bookde Stientia Media is but delulory: As theexcellent Strangius al- for erco cop, draco** mteccronefe:mictntie.cedsenescaell. fo hath fully manifefted. And his admired Bradwardine is as weak in his attempts on the fame fubjeët, and proverb God the Caufe of all futurition by no better reafons thanhe oroveth, that without him there would be no dam mrationamDicendi` f- impojbles ; yea that non pofèt effe impofbile : When it were impofble tic, dr nos. on-ef°; anything fhouldbe, were there no God ; and yet that impofhbility is nothing Nan prefcieria, diciti and needeth no caufe. Its ftrange how force Learned men confound ar net a ante rem : co 'ist g g grzad im ortát crdi- Things andNothings;and the Notions andNames of Nothings with theNe- Hem ad payer"ira : f things named. So Bradwardine 1.1.c. r 8. p. z aI. will tell us how God e"`¿fefef?afeed"c en prR, knoweth complex objects, and diftinguifheth thole that are antecedent to cientia Gods Intelletfion from thofe that are confequent : The former fort are annave".nt. r. drys. ga. dub. fuch as there [God is God, is eternal, omnipotent, &c. Thefe he faith eaüedÁGodsknon tn-, Ç PPróbation !toe' are the Caufes that God knoweth them, beingbefore his knowledge of them : noted, dr efeirun &i- The other about Creatures are after it and caufed by it. Yet doth the Totem :but when is called fan Noritia , good man thus humbly Preface [Nonproprie d ?toile fed fmilitudi- it connoteth only the norie balbutiendo vix tenus paffum vel feio, ignarur homuncio, excel a event, eno inatiosony Thus denominations by fcientiæ Dei mirabilir refigure.] But fee how the world is trou- Connotationandrelatiott bled with this prophane *prefumption, and how juftly Paul cautioned us Maye áan ryes i againft fedultionbyvain Philofophy : andwhat danger the Church is in ledgeandivlll. of lofingFaith, Religion and Charity, and peace in a game at words. a Herve,a inhit . adlib. What isthis Complexe objelt [Deus ] ? Is it an thing of nothing ? ther d,e gn eta Whe- y they it be not a Mortal If nothing, it is not before Gode knowledge and the Caufe of it. If any Gn in a Divine to o ìit thing, is it God or a Creature e A Creature is not before God, nor a things neceßarp, and to treat of citriofittes t Eut carafe of his knowledge, whichis Godhim(elf. If it be God is it hisÉfence he was tooguiky himfelf as finch, or his E fential properties, or the Perfons ? None of there : For toanfweritas plainly as Gods effence isthe prime Incomplexe Being,and not aComplexepropoftion, Í,ebugha [Deus eft]: His Properties, primary, are - Omnipotent-vitalpower, lea and will ; But there alto are the fame Incomplexe effence, and not propoftions : And his Intellect as an object of it Pelf is not beforehis In- tellelt as an Actual Knowledge of himfelf, nor the cauCe of it : All the C a fence