Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

62 Church-Hftory of Biíhops and preaching for the Trinity his Archdeacon flopthis Mouth, andhepreach- edby his Fingers, holding forth Oneand Three: And for this was ejeEted,,, contrary to force former Covenants. Wherefore they were fain to call aCouncil at Antioch to juftifie his ejection. Here they made yet another Creed, the worft of all before it. §. 45. Lüllt. Cenflantius beingdead, 7ulian the Apoftate is made Em_ permit ( wouldnot this end the Quarrel of Chriftian Bifhops ?) Atha. nafus returneth to Alexandria after the third banithment, and five years hiding, an. 362. Gregory the Bifhop being as is aforefaid murthered by the Heathen, and burnt to Afhes- He calls a Council at Alexandria: Here betides the receiving of thofe that unwillingly fubfcribed to the Arians; divers new Controverfies are judged. r. Eunomius, Macedonius, and theSemiarians denyed the Godhead of the Holy Ghoft, which was hereafferted. 2. Apoltinaris thought that Chrift took but a Body at his Incarnation, his Divine Nature being inftead of a Soul, whichwas here condemned. 3. TheOrthodox Greeks and Latines could not agree by what name to diftinguifh,the Trinity: The Greek laid there were three hypoftafes,' which the Latinesrejefted, as fignifying three fubflances: rome himfelfcould not away with the word Hypoftafis. The Latines ufed the word [Perfon.] The Greek rejected that as fignifying no real diftin. lion, (and are the Schoolmen for a real diftinEtion yet ?) For they thought Perfona fignified but the relation of one in Authority or Office. And thus while as 7ereme Paid, rota Gracorurn prophanorum Schola difcri- men inter hypoftafia ufiam ignorabat (Bp. 57.) and the fenfe of theword [Perfon] was not well determined, the danger was fo great of further diflention among the Orthodox Bithops themfelves, that as Greg. Naz. faith (de laud. Athanaf.) The matter came to that pafr, that there was prefers danger, that together with theftfyllables the ends of the World(Eaft and Weft) fhould have been torn from each other, and broken into parts. But the Synod agreed that the Greek hypoftafis and the Latine Perfona fhould henceforth be taken as of the fame fignification. (Butwhat thatfignification is, it was not fo eafie to tell.) Yet (faith Binnius) Auduftine de Trinit. 1. 5. c. 8, 9. and the Latinos afterwards, were difpleafed withthis reconciliation, and Hiéreme himfelf, who yet obtain'd of Damafus, Ep. 57. that the con- ciliation being but of a Controverfie de nomine, might be admitted. 4. 46. LIX. An. 362. 7ulian reigning (feveral French Councils be- fides) one then at Paris, were employed in receiving the repentance of the Bifhops that under Conftantius had fubfcribed to the Arians. S. 47. LX.- At Yulians death Athanafius calleth force Bifhops to Alexan- dria, betimes tofend to the Emperour Yovianus their Confeflion, to pre- vent the Arians, and other Hereticks. 48. LXI. A Council alto was called at Antioch on this occafion.. The Semiarians petitioned 7oviarus that the Acacians, asHereticks, might be put out, and they put in their places : The Emperour gave them no other Anfwer, but that he hated contention, but would love and honour theft skit