Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. t o 7 all clamoured out their repeated Curfeagainft Diofcorus, and their Tolle in- juriam à Synodo, Tolle violentiam à Synodo, 7olle notam à Synodo, IJlos mie- toform that is, Away with them; and wouldnot hear their petition ; But the Lay Judges made It to be read : In which the Monks profefs to hold to the Nicene Creed, and that the Churchmight not havedifcord by impo- fing more : Protefling that if their Reverences, abufing theirpower, raffled this, as before God and the Emperour, the yudges, the Senate, and the Confciences of the Bops, that they 'hake their garments againf them, and put themfelves be- yond their Excommunication : For they would not beCommunicators with thofe that thus refufe the Nicene Faith. TheCouncil ftill urged them to fubfcribe Leo'sLetter. Carofus and Dorothetts in thename ofthe rent of the Abbots faid; They were Baptized into theNizene Faith ; Theyknewno other: They were bidby the Bop that Baptized them Receive no other : We believe the Baptifmal Creed: We fubfcribe not the Epìfle: They are Bithops; They have power to Excommunicate and to Damn, and todo what they will more : But we know no o- ther Faith: The Arch-Deacon urged Carofus to Subfcribe to Leo's Epiftle as Expofitory of the Nicene Faith, and to Curfe Neforius and Eutyches : Carofus anfwered , What. have I to do to curfe Neftorius, that have once, twice, thrice, and often curfed anddamned himalready. o &ticus faid, Doff thine curfeEytiches as the Synod doth or not ? Carofus replyed. Is it not written, Judge not thatye be notjudged ? Again he repeated, that hebelieved the Ni- cene Creed into which he was baptized ; If they Paid any thing elfe to him he knew it not: The Apoltle faith, If an Angelfrom heavenpreach another Gof- pel, let him be accurfed: what fhould I do? If Eutyches believe not as the univerfal Church believeth ; let him be accurfed. §. a6. At laft there was a diffention, whether Leo's Phrafes fhould be putinto their Definition of Faith (now drawn upa new.) Awhile it was cryed down, but at laft yielded to, when the Illiricane Bithops had firft flighted Rome, and cryed, .Qui contradicunt (diffinitioni) Neftoriani front: contradicunt Romam ambulent. And Anatolius Bithop of Confantinople openly declared, That Diofco- rus was not condemned for matter of belief, but becaufe he Excommunicated Leo, and when he was thrice fummoned didnot appear. 6. 27. After this Theodorets turn came, that had been for Neforitee, and the Bilhops all cryed out, Let Theodoret curfe Neftorius. Theodoret defired that a Petition of his to the Emperour and to Leo's Legate, might be read; that they might fee whether he were oftheir belief or not. They cryed out, We will have nothing reel ; prefently curfe Neftorius, Theodoret told them that he had been bred of the Orthodox, and fo taught, and preached ; andwas againf not only, Neftorius and Eutyches, but all men elf that held not the right. The Bilhops interrupted him, clamouring, fpeak out plainly, curfed be Neftorius andhis Opinions ; curfedbe Neftorius and thofr that love him. Theodoret anfwered, I take not my felf to fay true, but I know I pleafe God : I would fsrf fatisfie you of my belief ; for I feek not prefer- ment, I need not honour, nor come hither for that : But becaufe I am calumni- P a cited