Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

108 Church-Hifiory ofBifhops and sued, I come to fatisfie you that 1 am Orthodox ; andIAnathematize every Ho, reticle, thatwill not be converted, and Neftorius and Eutyches, and every man that faith, there are two Sons, or thinks fo, I Anathematize. The Bithops again took this for dawbing , and cryed out, fay plainly, Anathema to Neftorius, and them which hold that which is his. Theodoret Paid, Vnlefs I may explain my ownbelief, I will not fay it. Ibelieve Here they interrupt. ed, and all cryed out, He is a Heretièlt,;, He is a Nestorian : cafl out the Heretick.. Reader, would a man have believed that were not forced by Evidence, That this Council was of Neftorius's mind, and confirmed his own Debtrineof the Vnity of Chrifls person snd two Natures, who thus fu' rioufly cryed down Theodoret ? (except as to the aptitude of the word zionn&.) And is it not a doleful Thought that theworthy Bithops of the Church; even in a General Council, fhould no better know the way of peace ? And donot thefewords heretranflated out of Binnius, p. 9a. and Job. agree too well with Greg. Nazinnzen's Character of Bilhops and. Councils ? Not but that the Church had always force Learned, Godly, Wife, and Peaceable Men, (fuch as Gregory Nam,. and Theodoret were, andmany more, efpecially in Africk ;) but you fee that they were horn down by the ftrean.of unskilful., worldly, temporizing, violent Men; afteronce worldly greatnefs made it theway topreferment, and it be- came their bufinefs to .strive who should be uppermoft and have his will.) But Theodoret when he found that there was no hope of fo much as a patient hearing of his Explication andConfeffion, was fain to yield, and fay, Anathema toNeftorius, and to him who faith not .that the Virgin Mary was the Parent of God, and who divideth the only begotten Son into two Sons ; which was.yetcautelouflyexpreffed; asif he faid, ,.Jioppojîng chat Neftorius . did fo (which himfelf denyed) let him be accurfed : And fo Theodoret was abfolved and. counted worthy tobe a Bifhop. S. 23. )uvenal Hierofol. Thalafas, and the rest of the Leaders, atE- phef Council z, were pardoned Ibas his Epiftle to Maris against Cy/fit was acquit, or at lean the Bifhop upon the reading of it. ltisafadNar- rative ofthe Calamitous Divifions which thefe Prelates and their Conn. cils made.. He faid that Cyril writ against Neflorins that there was but one nature in Christ, &c. Hac amnia impietatis plena: He tells how Cyril prepofeffed the Bishops before they met, and made his hatred of Nefio- rites his Canfe. How he condemned Nefloriustwo daysbefore Johnof An: tioch carne How afterward they condemned and depofed_one another: HowNefloriuswas inhatred with the Great men of Couftantinople, which was his fall : Howyohn and Cyril's Bithops or Councils. would not Com- municate with each other: How they fet Bifhops against Bithops, and People against People, and a mans Enemieswere thofeof his own houfe- hold How thePagans fcorned the Chriftians hereupon : .or (faith he) no man durfl travel City to City, orfrom Province to Province, but each one perfecuredhis neighbour as his enemy : For many not having the fear of God.',