Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 109 God, by vocation of Eccfefaffical zeal, made balk to bring forth the hidden en- tentyoftheir hearts againfl other' s (he inftanceth in force Perfecutors) ante heweth howPaulus Emifeuus helpt to heal them. 29. In the eleventh Action twoBithops ftrive for the Bithoprickof Ephefas, Baffianus and Stephen (that had been Diofcorns Agent): And in their Pleas eachof them proved that the other intruded by violence into the place, both he that firft had it, and he that thrutt him out and took his Seat, and one of,themmade his ClergyTwear to true to him and not forfake him ; And while the Bithops were for one of them, the Judges pall Sentence to cafi out both, and all contented. S. ;o. But after all the crying up of Leo's Epiftle, this Synod fet fo light by Leo, asthat,' Tome fay, againft his Legates Will, they made a Canon, (z8.) That every wherefollowing theDecreesof the Fathers, and ac- knowledging the Canon which was lately read made by the tSo Bifhnps; we alfir' Decree fame, anddetermine of the Priviledgesofthe holy Church of Conftan- tinople new Rome : For the Fathers did give (or attribute) rightly the Prit viledges to the Throne ofoldRome, becaufe that City ruled(or had the Empire) Andmoved by the fame confederation the i5o Bifhops Lovers ofGod, gave (or attributed) equal Priviledges to the Throne ofNew Rome ; nightly judging that' the City which is honoured with the Empire and the Senatey'andenjoyeth equal Priá viledges with ancient .Queen-Rome, fhoulel alfo in things Ecclefiaffical beextolled andmagnified, being the fecond after it. The Popes Legates hand Boniface is fubfcribed toall; and Enfebius Doril. thus fnbfcribed Spontefubfcripfs, quo- Main c hand regulamfanlliimo Papa in Vrbe Roma ego relegi prefenttbusCle- ricis Conftantinopolitanis, eamq; fufcepit. And this Council was after over and over approved by the Roman Bithops. §. 3,1. It in is this Canon notorious, g'. That the whole General Council and fo the univerfal Church did then believe, that the Popes or Roman Priviledges were granted by the Fathers (that is,.by Councils) and ftood not by divine appointment. z. That the reafon that the Fathers grant- ed them, was becaufe it was the Imperial Seat.- Had 'theybelieved that the Apofttes had inftituted it, they had never faid that the Fathers did it, for this reafon ; and that Confiantinople fhould be equal or next it for the fame reafon. 3. The Church of Confantinople never claimed their Prero- gative ,jure' divino as fucceeding any Apoftle, and yetjure Imperii claimed equal Pi-iviledges. By all which it is undeniable that the whole Church in thatCouncil, and efpeeialiy the Greeks,did ever hold Rome's Primacy to be a humane inttitution, upon a humanemutable reafon. What tbePa- pifts can fay aaainf this, I have fully anfwered againft W. 1ohnfon in a Book called, Which isthe trueChurch. S. 32. The Q,eftion now is, What concorddid theft late Coureils procure to the Churches? Anf. From that time moft of the Chriftian World was diffracted into Factions hereticating, damning, depofing and toomany murdering oneano- they. One party cleaved to Diofeorus and were called by the other Esety. chians ;