Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

128 Church-Moly of Bifhops and g. 78. CLII. And another at Tyre doth the like. S. 79. CLIII. And 'another Council at Rome again decreeth thedam- nationof the threedead Bifhops of Conflantinople, Acacias, Euphemius, and I"' 5,8 Mwedoniva: What, never have done with dead men ? Methinks ftark dead might fatisfie Pride and Malice. Binnius faith, that the Eafiern Church yielded toblot out of the Dyp- ticks the names ofAcacixe, Euphemius and Macedonitts (not the Heretick) and the Emperours, Zeno, and Anaflafo e : The Pope maketh himfelf the Governour of Hell; where he thought thefe Emperours and Bifhops were. But it is worfe than Savage malice that will notceafe towards dead men! And if the Empire yielded, they !hewed more love of Peace than Rome did, but not much wit, in giving a Prelate of anotherPrinces Do- minion fuch power todefame, and force them todefame their Emperours and Patriarchs at hispleafure. S. So. The zeal of 7uiin to eradicate the Arians, and take all their Cqurches from them, provoked Theodorick, (though a juft man, that gave the Orthodox liberty, prote&ion, and encouragement, yet an Arian, and gave theArienr liberty alfo) to refolve, that hewould ufe the Orthodox in Italy, as yuItin did theArians in theLail: Whereupon john, Bithop of Rome, with forceothers, went as his Ambatfadours toConfiant. tomediate with fnfin for theArians cafe. Anaflafius in lib. Poncif. faith he obtain- ed it : Binnius out ofGregor. Turon. faith the contrary : which is mOrepro- bable. However by going on fuch a Meffage for real Hereticks, it ap- peareth with what fincerity the Popes profecuted the dead names of the three Orthodox Confiant. Bifhops, on pretence of zeal againft Herefie: When their intereft urgeth them, Let the World be fit on fire rather than you (hall fpeak favourably ofan Eutychian: But when intereft changeth, Ra- ther than they in Italy (hall Infer, John goeth to Conftantinople forfavour to the Arians. Suppofe hedid not fpeed : What went he thither for ? On this provocation, Theodorick, on other quarrels, put to death Symmachus, and his Son-in-law Boetius, Roman Senators and excellent men, and im- prifoned john when he returned, and in the prifon he dyed : And when he was dead the Arian King chofè Ftelixthe fourth Pope : Was this Eleâi- on valid? If yea, he that isftrongeft, though a Heretickmay choofe the Pope ? If not, than their fucceflion was then interrupted. S. 8 I. CLIV. We havenext a great Council called Ilerdenfe of eight Bifhops raider Theodorick, tomend force faults of the Clergy, viz. That they that Minifter at the Altar abttain frommans blood, Can. i. That they that commit Adultery, and takeMedicines, or give them tocaft the Birth, or that Murder the Child, !hall abttain from Communion feven 3 ea. s : And if they beof the Clergy, mutt be content with the Communi- on and the Chore without their Office, Can. z, None ihall draw an offender