Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. Ir 29 offender, though aServant out of the Church, (nor fay other Canons out ofthe Bifhops houfe) that flyeth thither for any Crime (The Church and Bifhops Hodes had the priviledge to be the harbour for murderers, Thieves, Traytors, &c.) But Can. r t. alloweth the Bithop topunifh them snore thanothers (with longer forbearing the Sacrament) if thofe of the Clergy murderone another : O feuereLaws ! S. 8a.CLV. Next we havea Council (not all fo great, having but fix Bifhops) underTheoderick,, that ordered that the Epiftie fhould be read before the Gofpel, and fome things like others. S. 83. CLVI. And four ordinary fayings, were Paid over again by fif- teen Bifhops at Arles. g. 84. It Teems the Semepelagiuns then much prevailed : For 'one Lucian madea Recantation of his Errors to a Council of 27Bifhops at Lyons, as urgedby them : One ofhisfuppofed errors was, that Some are deputed to death, andothers predef mate to Life ; andanother, thatnone of the Gentiles before Chriffwere faved by the light ofNature : Andnow he owneth : That ire the order oftimes, fume were faved by the Law of Grace, others by the Law, ofMofes, andothersby theLawof Nature ; Butnone ever freed fromOriginal Sin, but by holy blood. And Fauflus Rheg. againft thePredefiinarians was owned by the forefaid Council atArles,Bin. p. 386. $.85Theodorickmadethe Clergy Subjea toCivil Judicatures ; allowing them their liberty of Religion : When he dyed (of whole Soul in Hell they pretendvifions) his fucceffours Athalaricus, for the quiet poffe[ïi.on ofhis Kingdom, at the Clergies Complaint ofthis as an injury, waspleat- ed to reftore them to their Dominion, and Freedom from fubjeEti- on. S. 86. 7uflinian fucceeding j`uflin, (by his choice) Compileth theLaws into betterorder then before, andto the great advantage of the Ortho- dox Clergy, and againftTierefies : And yet two things trouble the Papifts in them. s. That he feemeth to pretend to a Power over the Church Laws : But their Shift is to fay that he did it bnt as a defence and Confirma- tionof the Bifhops Laws. a. That he reftored the Names of his Predecef- fors' Zeno, and Anafafiue, with Notes of Piety and Honour ; whom thePopes had prefumed todamn as Eutychians orToleraters of them: But for this they fay ; It was the doingof Tribonimms, a Heathen Lawyer, that did the work : As ifyu/tinian would let him do what he disliked, and not correa it. §. 87. WhenYaftinian refolved to let up the Council of Calceden; he S Cuffed