Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents. Rope Innocent. The beginningof the, Donat fisSchifin fora Confrantinesrep ofofAlcxanderandAriusfilencingtheirdifu Conch. Laodic. Silvefrers f range RomanCouncil. Chap. 3, The Council of Nice : Confrantine heepeth them in peace. ThefirangeSchifm between Peter Alex. and Meletiùs Two Bi- fhopr andChurches in the fame Cities. The fadfiory troubling the Meletians, and driving them. tpjeekhelpof theArrians, and fo to f rengthen them, Epiphaniusgood charaClerofConfran -. tius and,Valens. His notableCharae/erofAudius,_ andhone the vio- lence ofdilute Bifbops forced him to feparate; and of Alexander and ofCrefeentiussflrife :.: and of°fame Confe/Airs and Martyrs great faults. Andiusbanifhed converteth the Gothes. The Slander ofEuftathius Antioch. Notes ofthe Nicene decrees: The ordina- tian of f andaloaaúncapable men nullified bythem. Concil. Prom: the ,people unitedat the making ofvifhops andPriefls. Arius'sCreedand fÿoration at a Council. Jeruftl.Marcel.Axtcyr. Condemnedat Conf. as denying Chrills Godheadfy th&Arrians whom he wdsforthe fame exileagainflf.AConcil.AntiochdepafdAthanafius andmadeCalons for Conformity. Anno .344 a fourthCreed reconcilingat Antioch : The. General Council of Sardica divide: The Oriental Bi bap.c at Philippoliisfirange charge againf Athanafius, Paulus Confr.&c. and theirplea for peace. The Donati jufice. Theflanden and fall of Bifhop Euphratas. Anno355 a General Council at Mi- Ian where the Arrians prevail. Hilary banifhed by the Seniaran:. IiiSìops:as a fcparatifl. The Council ofSirmiúm curfe Arius, Pho- tinians, and condemn Athanafius, pretending to, reconcile, Confrán- tinslabours union : TheGeneral Council divided at Ariminúm'ánel Seleucia:The Arians;Orthodox, andReconcilersfall intomore Soda Ten creeds,fometimesone,foinetimes another liked or condemned: The. Bifl,.iops: dopoPingand damning each other. OfMeletiusAntiochenus, the .dfntion, dangerandreconciliation about hypofrafis & perfona, ata.Councillof Alexandria. Julian. Jovianforpeace Valentinian. ana.Valens charge the Affan Bifbops togiveover perfeecuting any/ of Chrs Labourers. Valens a zealous Arrian Perfecutar; Damalus bloody Election againft Sitinnius. TheSchifin at Antiochhow ended. Chap. 4.- Tray Rome iras het Orthodox. 4 r: Valens perfecution. §,2. Gratian_.and Valentinian Junior, Theodofius. The Council at Confiance. § 4. Greg. Nazianzens cafe. 4.5. His fad deferip ton of the Cce mcils and nmdecef of thePrelates of his time. 47.8.. T I.e.. caf of Ant oohsSahifm again, Necrarius a Befhop and Patri- ark.