Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

The Contents ; ark before he n, s a baptizedChriflian. 4" i o. The Councils decrees. §-1 I.The Hi fiery ofthe BiJhepsthat prolecuted the P i;illanif r,ánd St. Martins. § 18.f 9. A Council at Capuadecreed that thetwo Bifhops andChurches at Antioch live in love and peace. § 20. Bifhop Bo- norm heree denying Mary's perpetual virginity. § 2I. Jovinians ,herefie dejeribed. §. 23. A wife NovatianCouncil. § 24. Carthage goodCouncils. § 31`. 32, 33, 34. The Hiliory of Melania, and the BiJZope per cittion :of the friends of Origene. § 36. &c. Theo- philus Alex-1tory. § 37. 38.3.9. Chryfoftomes Hiflory. § 40. And theJoannites. § 43. Thofe that'believe tieAfrologers andMattema- ticians curled atTolet. § 47. The MelivitaneCouncils againAp- peals to Rome, and of Liturgies te be approved. § 55. Pelagiusas d Celeftius ab ;/ved by one Council and one Pope and conder, ned byo- thers, § 53. & . Pelagius ConfejJion, 57. Boniface and Eu14liìus fcbifm at Rome, § 59. P. Boniface's decree that no Bifhop be brought or let beforeanyCivil or Military judge,§ 6o. The rxih CouncilofCarthage that relifed thePopes, 5 6 I. P. Celcrtiiïes decree, that no Bifhopbe given to the unwilling. Chap. 5. Atticus Confi. peaceablenef : Thepretty jiiory cf the people. depofing Theodofius Bifhop of Synada, §-2. Cyrils violence; d o Monks afultof Orefles, and the peoples cruel ufage.ofHvpatia, § .3, Alexand. Antioch. andAtticus Confit. by his Council are for re/ór ng the Non-conforms Joannits : Cyrils rcafon againf it, § >4. Whether Cyril repented,§ 5. Ifidore Peluf. words of him, § 6. Proclus refufed Billiop at Cyzicum by the people, § 7. Neftorius chafer!, §8. He is aperfecuter of Heretieks. His opinion§ 9. The firfEphef. Council,_ § so. They divide andcondemnanddepofe each either andfight, and Neftorius, Cyril andMenmon, are defoed ly the Emperours Command, but the two lafrefared. Whether Nefto- rius orCyril was the Heretick. The re ofthat Council, 5 12. ï3', r 4. Derodon proves that Cyril was anEutychian andNeftorius -Dr- thsdox, §18..19. The truth, § 20. Thepreterit Churches of the Ne- florians. That theft Bifhopsfet the world on fire about a word while they agreed in fenfe, § 20.2a, &c. TheEmperourforceth the Bifops to Communion, and (etteth SimeonStillere to pray cio en their hor- rid difcrrd, § a 3. BowingEafwardforbidden, becaufe.t e ;M-lanicher s bowed to the Sun among them, § 29. Leo'sRoman Council of Bi- pops, Priefis and Lay-men: Another againf Hilary,. Arc laten- ls,, §31.32 Chap. 6. of theEutychians, &c. Tie true cafe of tie.Con rozerise,'5 2, ZJnity