Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Corgi ici1s abridged. 39 to the death, notesithitandi ng repentance. And that thefe B Ihops Mould be Orthodox, and yet theNovutiausIlerrtieks, itis not cafe togive arealon'Á4,4i- Of: Their difinftion of Penance, Sacrament, and Communion, will not well v1 eu' lear- form it. Therefore Melch. Canus chargeth them with Errour lib. e. ,eáfy,t,a_ per o 4 teeth the andBella: mine muchmore, lib. ?. de ',nag. c. 9. That itis Concilium non comfit- bell of it. rna!arm, frequenter-errâffe, &c. .A Bithop, Prieft or Deacon in Office, that But of bath committed Fornication, was not to have Communion, no not at death: c'a'' and divers others. No Bifhop was to receive any Gift from any one that CO1Eftt;th 1_ Y Y a worf did not Communicate. it.poieth the Papifts then-delves to expound Can. fence than 34. Cereos per diem placuit:inCcrmiterio non incendi: Inquietarsdi enimSan5lorum this of fpiritus ron form: Binnitas will have it tobe the Spirits of the living Saints, En-looss that are not tobe difquieted with trouble about Lights let upby day. Butt with that be themeaning. But the 36 Can. more troubleth them, Plaudit pitturees in Evclefise efe nondebere, ná quod colitur ant adorarorr, in parie'tibus depingarur. Can. 38. A Lay-man, in careof necefiity, is enabled to Baptize. Can. 39. Gentiles unbaptized maybe madeChriftians at laft, by Impofition of hands. Can. 65. If a Clergy-man's Wife play the Whore, and he do not prefently caft her out,, he mutt not be received to the Communion to the kdt. Can. .73. If a Chriftian turn Acculer (Delator) and upon his accu- fationany one be banifhed or put to death, he isnottobe received to Com- munion, no not atlaft. Can. 7$. Nor hethat falfly accufeth a Bithop, Pref- byter, or Deacon, and cannotprove it. Can. 79. He that playeth at Dice, or Tables, was to be kept from the Communion. Many other Canons fa- vour, fome of Piety, and fome ofthe N 'atians. Thirty fix Presbyters fate with thefeNineteenBifhops. Pope Innocent approved thefe almoft Nova_ .tian Canons, and Binnius excufeth them, p. 246. §. 40, XIX. Anne 306. ACouncil atCarrha e of about 70 Bithops be- gan the Schifm of the Donacifis, contending who fhould have the Bithop_ =rick of Carthage: One party had chofen Cacilianus to fucceed Menfurius ; The other party accufinghimas being aTraditor, and Ordained by Fcelix a Traditor, and had forbidden bringing food to the Martyrs in prifon, they ordained one Majorinns Bithop in his Read : Cacilianus had the :countenanceof the Bifhop of Rome, and flood it out, and kept the place :Hereupon the Churchbeing divided, the divifion run through all Africk, andNumidia, while the accufingparty renounced Communion withCaci- -hanus ; fo that for many years after (twohundred at leait)"they did with plant-11;1e pretence claim the title of Csotholicks, though they were after called Donatifts (from Donatus a very good Bithopof Carthage heretofore, whom theypraifed, and not from Donators ä Cafis nigris, as fome think.) Secundas Tigifttanus Primate ofNumidia, furthers the breach, and the Or- dination of Majorinns fixed it. Thus the doleful Tragedy of the Donatifls began by Bithopsdivided about aCarthage- Bithop. 4. 41. XX. Anno 308. Another Council was heldat Carthage, where no aefsthan 27o Donatifl Bithops, for moderation, agreed to Communicate with penitent Traditors, without .rebaptizing them, and fo did for 40 years- #. 42.