Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

theCrucifjing of the world, Obj. Best *hat man living zafetch at you here defcribe ? Is there any that are that Crucified to theworld , su to have nofeparated efteemof it, or thoughti or care of it ; or Love, or De/ire , or the rift of theft AfelIions ? Anfir. It is one thing to enquire what we are, and another what we ought to be, and fhould beif we were perfe& : We ought to be fuch as I have mentioned , but we are not fuch in perfe&ion yet ; but only in fincerity. And how that fincerity may be known , I have elfewhere explained. In a word, In a perfe!l foul there is no Interefl<but Gods : In a fincere foul Gods Intereíl is the highefi andgreatefi : In a perfe& man God bath the whole heart : and in an upright man he is nearer to the heart then any thing elfe. In aperfefì man there is a perfe& fubje&i- on to God : and in an upright man there is none bath Domini- on but God : he is highel, and his Rule prevaileth in the main, though fome things that rebel! are not perfe&ly fub- dued. Obj. But Ifind that mofi of my Pafons are furred more fen- fbly about earthly, then heavenly things. How then can Ifay that I am crucified to the world ? 44*. In point of Duty all that Paóìon that is to be con. manded by Rea$`on, fhould be mortified, as is above -laid. But when you go to the tryal of your Rates, in the point of fincerity, it is hard trying by the Pall-ions ; and you mill rather do it by your Eflimation andyour Will, as I have difcovered more fully in a Treatifeof Peace of Confcience. SECT. VIII. I I. jAving /hewed you what it is to have the world Cruci. 1 fled to us , and to beCrucified to the world : I am next to thew you bow this is done by the Croft of Chriff And here Imuff diainâly Phew you, i. what the Crofs, at fufered by Chriff kimfelf path done to the Crucifyingof the world to us, 2: What the fame Grottos Believedon and Confaered by ue doth towards it. 3, And what the Croft of Chriff which We our felves bear in conformitytobidfetfferiogsdoth towards it, Of all which briefly. a. It