Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

76 Tbe Crocifying of the world, after the Spirit the things of the Spirit : For to be carnally minded is death, but to be s`f irituallyminded is life andpeace : Becaufe the carnal minde is enmity againll God .; for it is a rot !tibial to the Laro ofGod, neither indeedcan be : For if ye live<fter theflefb,ye:'hall die ; but if ye through the Spirit do mortifie the deeds of the bodyye fail live ] J oh. 3.6. [That Which is born of the fiefh ù. fl,fh , and that which is born of the Spi,.it, is Spirit.] Gal.5.16,17 & 6.8. [walk in the Spirit and ye 'hall not fulfil the lufts of the fie/h For the f efh luftetbagainft the Spirit, end the Spirit againfi the jiefh, and thefe are contrary the one to the other.] [He that foweth . tobis fdefh,/hall of the fiefb reap corruption.: but he that foweth, to the .siirit, [hallof theirit reap lifeeverlafting.] Col.3. 1,2,3. Elf ye be rifen with Chrift,feel¿ thofethings Which are abeve,where. Chrift fttteth on the right hand of God. Set your afetlion on things above and not on things on the earth. For ye are dead,, and your life is bid with Chrift in God: When Chrif! Who is our life 'hall appear, then /hall ye alfo appear withhim in glory : Mortrfie therefore your members which are upon the earth.] Matth. 20,21 24. [Lay not up for your felves treafures upon earth, Where mothand ruft lothcorrupt, and ;there thieves break through and heal ; but lay up for your felves treatres in heaven Where neither mothnor ruft doth corrupt, and Where thieves do not break through. nor Real ; forwhere your treafure is, there Willyour heart -. be alfo. Noman can ferve two ()Wafflers ; for either he Will hate the ort and love the other,, or elfe be will hold to the one anddefpife the other : Te cannot ferve God and Mammon.] Matth. r o.38, 39, [Hethat not bis croft and folloWeth after me , IS not worthy ofme : He that findeth bù life (hall lofeit, and he that .lo- feth his life for my fake bull finde it. ] Mat.16.24. [1f any, man will comeafter me, let himdeny himfelf, and take up his croft and followme.] Luk..14.26,27. [Ifany man come tome, and batenot his Father, andMother, andWife, and Children, and Bre- thren, andSifters, yea andhis,own life ally, he cannot be my dif ciple. Andwhofoever dock not bear, his croft and come after me, cannot be my difciple. J Verle 33. [Iebofoever he be ofyou thatfor Methnotall that he ba'lh, he cannot be my di ciple. ] Heb. i r , r 3' s4, Y5,, and to the end. But I will, cite no more. Here is. enough-to convince you, orcondemn you. If any thing at aid- be,plaia in Scripture, this; is, plain, that every true Chtiflian is. dead