Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Croft of Chriff. dead to the world, and looks on the world as a crucified thing, andthat God, and the life of glorywhich he hath pronaif d,have the Ruling and chiefeft inured in their fouls. Believe it Sirs, this is not a work of fupererrogation, nor fuch as only rendeth to the perfeRing of a Chriflian but fuch as is of the effence of Chri-' ftianity , and without which there is not the leali hope of fill-, nation. SECT. XI V. vfe z. Y all that bath been Paid you may perceive what it is to be a Chriftian indeed, and that true Chrifti- anity doth fet men at a further diftance from the world, then car- nal felf - deceiving Profeffors do imagine. You fee that God and the world are enemies ; not God and the world as his Creature, but as his Competitor for your hearts, and as the feducer of your underftandings and the oppofer of his intereft, and the fuel and food of a flefhly mimic, and that which would pretend to a Being or Goodnefs feparated from God , or tobe delrable for it felt, havinglaid by the relation of a meant to God. To be a Friend to the world in anyof thefe refpe&s, is to bean enemy to God. And God will not favehis enemies, while enemies. An en mity to God, is an enmity to our falvation : for our faivation is in him alone. If then you have but awakened confciences, if the true love of your felves be ftirring inyou,and if you have but the free ufe of common reafon, I dare fayyou do by this time . perceive, that it clofelyconcerneth you ,prefently to look about you and to try whether you are crucified to the world or not,. Seeingmy prefent bufinefs is, for the fecuring of your Everlaft- ing Peace, and the healingof your fouls of that which would deprive you of it ;. let me intreate you all in the fear of God to give meyour afiillance, and to goalong withme in the work ; for what can aPreacher do for you, if you will do no- thing for your felves ? Howcan we convert, or heal, or fave you, without you ? I do forefee your appearance beföre the I ord ; a jealous God . that will not endure that any Creature fhould be Tweeter and more amiable to you then himfelf. I do forefte the, condemnation that all fuck muff undergo, andthe remedilefs cer -. L 3 tain. NNW