Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

78 TheCrucifying of the world, rain mifery that they arenear. 1 know there is no way that the wit of man or Angels can devife to prevent the damnation of fuch a foul, but by Crucifying the flefh and world by the Crofs of Chrift, and dethroning thefe Idols , and fubmitting fincerely to God their Happinefs. This cannot be done while you are firangers to your felves, and will not look into your own hearts , and fee what abominable work is there, that you may be moved to return with fhame and forrow far that which hath been for_ merlyyour glory and your joy. O do not keepout the light of Convi ion, that youmay keep up your Idols in the dark : Your fin is never the lefs becaufe you wilfully keep it out of fight and your danger is never the lefs for being unknown I If you will fin in darknefs, you (hall fuffer in darknefs : As you have a fire of flefhly andworldly lufts within you , which abhors the light of laving truth ; foGod bath a fire of perpetual torment for you, which is as far from the confolatory light of his coon= tenance. As the fireof concupifcence is dark, fo is the torment- ing fire dark. If you hate the converting light becaufe your deeds are evil, and will not by this light be made manifeft to your felves, yobn 3. t 9,20 al: this will be your condemnation, andby this will you deprive your felves of the Glorifying light. If you love Darknefs, who can you blame but your felves, if you be caft into outer darknefs ; And if you hate light, you cannot reafonablyexpeä to be partakers of the inheritance of the Saints inLight, Col, a . a 3. What fay you then Beloved Hearers are you willing to knowOur hearts, or not ? Whether you are dead to the world and the world to you ? Me thinks you fhould be willing ; when you fee the Queftion is as great, as Whether you are Chriftians indeed or not ? and as great, as Whether you are in a Rate of falvationor not ? Me thinks you that naturally love knowledge, and would be at Tome pains to know all thats about you in the world, [Mould not be unwilling toknow your (elves, and fpecial- ly, fo great a matterby your felves, as Whether you are the heirs of falvationor damnation, ? for in the ifTue it is no lets. Efpe ciaily when your difeafe is fuch as muff be cured by the Light , if ever it be cured. You cannot lament your worldlinefs and fen- fuality, you cannot lament your difaffeâednefs to God, and in- tolerable neglitts of him, till you find them out. You cannot betake