Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Croft of Chrifi. 79 betake you to Chrifl for the pardon of this fin, till you have dif covereáir. A fin unfeen, will never humble you and break your hearts, nor fit them for C hrift to bind them u'p. If you fee not that the world is yet alive in you, you will not apply the Crofs , for the crucifying of ir, nor have recourfe to a Crucified ChríR for that End. Moreover, it is the Nature of all fin , and worldly vanities,to feem beft in the dark,and bafeR in tilt Light. As God and heavenly thingsfeem bell in the great:it Light, and wort iu the Darknefs. None do fet light by God, and Grace acid Glo- ry, but thofe that know them not. And none do fet much by worldly iefhly things, but thofe that know them nor. As illu- mination brings in God into the foul , fo doah it help to cal out Satan and the world. When mens eyes are opened, and they are turned from darknefs to light , they are prefently turned from the power of Satan unto God , 'tidy 26. 18. Thefe infernal worldly fpirits cannot endure the Light-: They walk not by day, but haunt them whom they captivate, in the night of ignorance :. and if we do but come in upon them with Light, they are gone.. It is the fame -Devil that is called The Prince of thre world and the Ruler of thedarinefaofthu World, Eph. 6. 12. and this power is a power of darknefs, Luke 22, 53, and therefore as light im- mediatly expelleth darknefs ; fo if you will admit the Light of Chrift, it will deliver you from the power of darknefs, Col. I. 13.. and caufeyou tocarffoff the Wo'kj of darknef, Rena. I3.Ia that is, your worldly fieRhly works. For my part I have not accefs to your hearts unlefs grace perfwade you to open me the door. I cannot promife to Illumi nate ynu, tnd go with you into the inmoil rooms;but 1(hall Rand at the door and hold you the Candle , by which you may fee your 'elves what is within, if you will but confent and take the - pains of a torough enquiry. I dó therefore carnally intreate you, to fet up a judicature in your felves,and by theWord which you have heard to try your flares, and let Confcience be Judge , anddo it fpeedily, faithfully and eff6,1ually. By this means you may prevent a (harper tryal If you are afraid of Confcience, how much more fhould you be afraid of God ? Will not his Judgement, think you, be more dreadful thenyour own ? What tnadnefs is it to leave all to that tetrible Judgement rather then to Judge yoúr (elves for the preventing of it. Believe it, yore (hall