Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. dyed times more wealth from him , then many an h©neft heavenly Believer ; andyet willyou Love and Serve him left ? 6. Is itnotpitty and [hame, that you fhouldthus turn Mer- cies themfelves intofin, anddrawyour bane from that which might have been ablef,ing e Willyou be the worfe, becaufe Godisfo goodtoyou ? mughegiveyou health and timefor hráfervice, andgive you finchplentifulprovófaun andafsifl- ance, andwill you be worfe in health then others are in Fick- nefs, andworfe in Plentythenothers are inwant ? Is not this the way to dryup the ftrearns of Mercy, when the more fog have, the worfeyou are ? 7, You exceedingly wrong the. Church and Common - wealth : For it isfor thepublickgood thatyou are advanced;. andyou shouldbe a blefing to the. Land And will you cafi away that time andwealth upon thefle/h, whichyou have re- ceived for fuch noble ends. Rob not theChurch and com- mon.rwealth, of what you owe it ; byengrof ing it to your f elves, or conjumiug it onyour lulls. 8. Great men have agreat account to make You /hall fhortly hear, [Give account of thySteward- fhip,for thou lhalt be no longer Stewarq. ] If Gadhave entrufiedyou you with a thoufandpound a year, at is not the fame reckon- ing that mull ferveyour turn, es wouldferve his turn that hadbut an hundred,.. Tour improvement mull befomewhat anfroerab'e to your receivings, Do you need to be told, howfada reckoning it will thenbe, tofay [Lord r im- ployed moft of it in maintaining the Pomp and Plea lure of my felf and family, . even that Pomp of the world, and thofe fnfrtl !lifts of the flefh , which in my Baptifm Ì forfwore; and the reff I left to my children, tomaintain them in the famepomp and pleafures except a few fcraps cf my Revenews which I gave to the ;Church, or poor. 9. Your