Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

feparating the members , and can make as many Bodies as there are fep/rated parts. 2, Nor is it any or much of the bufinefs of this book, to ípeak to thole that I think are deeplieft guilty of the Schifms of the Chriftian world : For they are out of hear- ing,and will not read or regard my writings. It is the Roman Head and Center of Unity which hath done moll to divide the Church. And it is the contending of Rome and Confiant:ro_ple for the Supremacy which 'oath made the greateft Schifms that the Chriftian world hath known And the Regiment of fuck Lords mutt anfwer:able to their Tower, and Greatnels; and the fim- pie terms of Chriftian Unity lef us by Chrift and his Apoftles,mufi be turned into a Religion large as the Decrees of all the Councels, and (fay hallo! 0-,em) and the Popes Decretals alto, Ari,r that there may be no way out of this wilde,nefs , but the Conteffors lirePent will , you muff not in all there fo much as di!t nguilh tundémentals from the refit 7 but fo much material belief is necFary tv Salvati n, as each mans oppor- tunities and helps obliged him to receive that is ; The faith which is neceffary to Salvation ( materially or objeChvely) is as various as the number of perlons in the world 5 To one more is necelffary to ano- then