Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

ther lets, to foche none at all of the Chri- ftian faith). And you muff fuppofe that the Prieft is well acquainted with the internal ,capacity ofevery mans Soul , and with all the inttrutions , opportunities , and fug- geílions ofhis whole life, and can tell what meafure ofbelief he path , and whether it be proportionable to his helps; and fo can tell him whether he be capable of Salva- tion, though neither Pope nor Councel have given any Standard by which to judge. And though no man can beaffured of his own Salvation; and though another man could not be faxed by the faith that faveth him. So much are we miiaken to think that it is the Pope that bath the Keys of Heaven, when it is every Prieft , who is the onely judge of the meafures of the pert Eons faith. Thefe new made multiplyed Articles of Religion, thefe Additions to Chriftianity, this proud Church-tyranny, I doubt not is the great caufe of Schifm in the world : And when I have had oppor- tunity towrite againft it , I haveborn my teftimony againft it, as is yet legible. But -ic is not that fort of men that I am here molt to fpeak to : but to them that profefs to be more teachable and willing to know the truth. A 4 3, And