Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

50 The true Conditions of difcern it, I am willing to be a Chriflian upon the terms of Gods Covenant , and to take Chria for my Teacher, PrieR and King ] muff offer himfelf, and mud: be received into the Church. Secondly, and as to the Jews cafe, I have pro- ves' in the fore-mentioned D'ifputations, Firlf, that it was no lefs than a profe(lìon of faving. faith, which was made in the Covenant of Cir- cumcifion. Secondly, that men were then to be put to death,for almcfl all thofe enormous crimes whichwe now excommunicate men for : And the dead are not members of the Church on earth.. Thirdly, that all that in matter of fat was found among them contrary to this, was contrary to Gods Law And to argue againf the Law from mans breach of the Law, a fac`h contra jsoe, is very bad arguing. Fourthly, that it is farre furer and clearer reafoning about the Evangelical Rate and o°d( r ofthe Church, from the Gojpei, than froth the Laxof Mofes, much more than from the vio- lations of that law. Fifthly, but yet all the cor- ruptions of the Churches, as I have cited and broved thembefore , do thewus the difference etween the Church asviably Congregate, and as Regenerate ; and thew us that the prefence of feserreddloaadfanners, will not warrant us to feparate or tounchurch the Church. And this clay fufftce againft that errour. The true conditions of admittance into the Church and Rate of Chriflianity are thefe. Fir(, A true belief in God the Father, Son and ,ßlyG oft, and a Devoting ofour(elvesfincerely to Him, ae our reconciled Father our Saviour, and our anciifier, in a refolved Covenants or Confent , re norencing