Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Church Communion. 51 noìncingthe Devil, theztorld,and thefiefh, (expref- fy or impliedly ) is the whole and theonly con= dition of our Communion with the Church mye flical or the living body of Chrifl ( which is cal-' led The Church, in the firft and moll famous fenfe.) Obj. If this mull be wrought in ri before we are in the rnyftic Church , then 4 ft4te of holin0may be found infuch, as are yet out ofthe body of Chrift in thé world: But if this be after our entrance into the Church, than left may fufciently qualifie tii for admit® tance. eAAnfw; It is neither before ñor after ; but it is our change and entrance it felf. To be a memo. ber ofthe Church myftical, and to be a Chriflian is all one : And this is Chriflianity. Ìf I Ihould fay that the making4 man a Rational free agent , ù the making him a member of the Rational world ; would you think that this muff be either antecedent or confequent to his change,which is nothing elle but the change it felf? Secondly , That which maketh a mari a member of the Vniverfal Church Vifable, is his Baptifm. Which ù, his profeffion of the fame true Faith afore bid, and content to the Covenant ; or his vifble dew dication to God the Father, Sonand HolyGbofl a his Reconciled Father , his Saviour and Sanaifiersi bya Vow and Covenant in Baptifm'. Where note that Baptifm bath twoparts The Covenant there made and openly declaredbetween God and Man : And the Sacramental , obfagning and invefting (ign; which is the wafhing in water, The Profeffion iffeif, or open covenanting with God, is the thing Elatedly neceffary to the beingofVi- Ga fir