Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

S 2 Terms of Church-enterance. f ble Chriftiantty : And the walking with water, is neceffary as a dutywhere it may be had and as a mina to the orderly and regulAr entrance; by which. the Chxrck iscömmenly to judgewho are its ad- mitted members and whonot. As inward content and outwardprofeffionofconfent, andpnblikefolerni- nation, are the neceffaries to a f}ate ofmarriage; the ñrft beingas thefoul, the fecond as the bo- dy, and the third as the wedding garrments; fo is it in this cafe.' So that in fliort, if you take Ba_' ptifm aright for the Covenant and the Sign, there isno other entrance into the Vifible Church, nor anyother conditionnecelfary to a title toits com- munion. Butif you take Baptifm improperly, for the wafting alone, there is no title to fuck' xrafhing neceffary but Profef edfaith and Covenant- ing. So that if you require more, or invent and impofe anyfurther conditions, and deny baptized profeffors of Chriftianity to be vif:ble members of the Church, youare fuperftitiousdevifers of a way of your own , and makers ofwill- oorfhip, and not obedient fubmitters to the way ofGod. Profeffìon thenof Belief and content to the Cove- nant, is our title-condition to communion with the Univerfal Vifi hie Church. This profeflion mutt be folemn, and folemnized under the hand of a Miniffer of Chriff, who bath the Keyes of the Church, or Kingdom of heaven; that it may be fatisfaìory to the Church, and valid at its barre. Thole that are baptized at age, have present Right to communionwith the adult. Thofe that are baptized in Infancy (uponviodright) are ad- mitted to fah Lnfont- corrrm.nie ias they are capa- hie of.Ard at years of dtfcretion theyxhemfelves. mutt