Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Terms ofChkreh enterance, 53 muao&n theCovenant,which their Punts .enter- red them into. The more folemnly this is done (as it was in baptifm ) the better it is : But if it be done but by a profeffing themfetves to be Chcifüans, and attending Chrisls ordinances with his Church, it is valid ; unlefs they forfeit the credit of their profe(iion, by proved Herefies or crimes in which they live impenitently. But then it mua be here obferved, what a Profefon of Chriflanity is , which .intitleth to Baptifm and Church- communion. And objelive- ly,it mua be the ohole Baptifmal Covenant that muff be professed : No fiefs is to bé taken as a profeffiors of Chri/1ianity : And as to the e , it mull he firfl, A(ignification of the mind; by word or wri- or fome intelligible fign. Secondly, it muff )(ems to be renderfood : For no man confenreth to that which he underfandeth not. &t herein any intelligible fign of a tollerable undcr(ianding mutt be accepted, though we find that the perfons con- ceptions are raw and not fo diiinci and clear as they ought,nor the expreslions ready,orde l y or comps. Thirdly, it mull feem to beferioa: Fár that which is apparently differnb:ed or ludicrous is null : Fourthly, It mull be de prefenti, a pre- [ent giving up our (elves to Chris}, and not only a ,promife de fe wro , that we will hereafter take him for our Saviour and Lard and not at pre- fem. Fifthly, it mua teem to be vluntary, and not confirained : for then it is not fericCs. Sixth- ly, it mull feem tobe deliberate, and refolste , and fetled, and not only the eel ofa mutable pasfi- on. This goeth to make it a real Profeflon in the ,common fenfe of all ma-nkind. G3 Obj