Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

3. And yet I add though this Book be writtenprincipally to fave the darker fort of honeft Chriftians, from the fin and mifery of Church divifions , I write it not princi- p,aIly for them to read For I know their prejudice, weaknefs and incapacity, after- mentioned But I write it to remember the Teachers of the Churches , what prin- ciples they have to Preach and frengthen, and what principles--to confute and to de- liroy, if ever theymean to fave the peo- ple from this fateof fin, and the Churches from the fad effehs. And ifMinifters neg- t the faithful difcharge of fo great and heceffary a duty, let them remember that they were warned if they find themfelves 'overwhelmed in the ruipes. II. The Re4fons moving me to this work are thefe. Fira It is my calling to help to fave people from their fins ; and Church divi- lion is a heap offins. 2. The more I love them that I hope are tender Confcienced, and dare not fin, when they are convinced of it , the more I any bound to endeavour their convition , re- niembring who bath laid, Thou (halt not hate irhy 13,,rother in thy heart, thouHiatt in 411 wife ve sa e tphy Neighbonr and not [fiferfin upon 19,3 Z I 7'~ -`'3. LOVE