Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

6o Scripture' for Unity. of the b,ody of thrift. Till ive all come in the Unity of the faith , and of the knowledge of the Son of God, onto a perfect milan : that we henceforth be no more childron, toed to and fro, and carried about with ,every mind of do5lrine, by theflight of mien, andcurt- piing craftinefs whereby they lye in wait to deceive : B:st jpeaking the truth in love, may grow up into hire in all things who ù the Head, thrift : From whom the whole body fitly joyned together, and cornpatled by that which every joynt fiepplyeth, according to the e f- fellual working in the meafure of every part, maketh increafe of the body , to the edifying of it. Îe1 f in love. I Cor, t 2. 3, 12, 13: Noman can fay that Je- ftts is the Lord, but by the HolyGhoft -- As the Bo- dy is One , and bath many Members , and all, the members of that One body , being many ;are One body, fo alfo is Çhrif . For by one Spirit, .we are all baptized into One body.v.22,23. Nay msich more thofc members of the body , whichfern to be more fee- ble are neceffary ; 4nd ¿bore members or the body which we think to be lef honourable, upon there ire be.. flow more abundant honour , and our uncomely parts have r5,nre abundant comelinefs. .d'or our comelyparts have no need; but Godbath tempered the body together, 3ving given mire abundant honour to that part that lacked : that there fhosld be no Schifme in the body, bu th4: the members/hou'd have the fame care one for another. Aldwhether one memberfrffar, all fifer e with it, an i ifone be honoured, ail rejoyce -- v. 15'. i(the foot fay, Becaufe I am not the hand, I am not of the body, ù it therefore me of the body - (By all fia s you may fey, that even the loweft, dijl;nosered, .{ an u1,'y mnn'ers, mati not in denied to