Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

and agstin(# Divi fans. 6 be of the Church or body of Chrifi. ) t Cor. i 3. 4, 5. Charity fuffereth long, id nat eafily provoked , thinketh no evil The greatefl is charity, v. 13. I Cor. I . lo. Now 1 befeechyou trearen, ly the name of our Lord 7e fu Chrifi, that ye all fpeak the fame thing, and that there be no divifion: among you but that ye be perfe1ly jojned together in the fame . mind and in thefame judgement. v, 12, 13. Every one faith, Iam ofPaul, and I of Apollo Is Chrift divided? ram Paul crucified for you ? or here ye tap- - tiz.ed into the name ofPaul. Ch. 3. Ix. Ifany mans work be burnt, hepalljiff(' lofs ; yet the himfelffhalí be faxed, yet fo as by fire. Ch. 3.3, 4. For ye areyet carnal : For mheral there it amongyou envy- ing and ffrife and divifions, areye not carnal, and rxalk as men? zrhile onefaith, I am of Paul, &c. Rom. 14. F. Him that is 1314 in tie faith re ceive, but not to doubtful difpntations. v.3. Let not him that eateth, defpife him that eateth not and let not him zrhich eateth not judge him ohicb eateth for God bath receivedhim : oho art :hc n tbat judge/ ano- ther mansfervant ? to his oon Moller he flandeth Qr falleth. One man ífleemeth one day above Another efteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully perfi aded in his o rn mind : He that regarcl- eth a day, regardeth it to the Lord ! v. Io. BR, why dolt thou judge thy brother ? cr Irby dcfi thou fa at nought thy brother ? vie/hall allfiand before the judge- , ment feat of Chrifi. Let ui not therefore judge one another any more.v.13. t 4. Iknoo and amperffaded by the Lord3eftu, that there is nothing unclean of it felf ; but to him that efteemetb any thing unclean, to m it is unclean, V.17. For the Kiugdvm of God is not