Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Divifions and Separation. 63 a furnace of fire Then Jhall the righteos s Thine forth as the Sun, in the Kingdom of their Father. V.47. The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net, ca/b into the Sea ; which gathered of every kind : which when it was full, they drew to the fhore ; andfate down and gathered the good into Veffels , and the bad they caft away : foPall it be at the end of the world. Math. 22. 9, io. Go into the high ways , and em many as ye find, bid to the marriage (or as Luk. ¡4. Compel them to come in) fo thofefervants wemunto the high ways , andgathered all as many as they found both bad andgood, and the weddingwas furniJhed with guefts. e4nd the Kingfani there a man that had not on a weddinggarment, andfaid, Friend, How camefb thou in hither, &c. (Mark , thus he will con demn wicked hypocrites themfelves, but blameth not the Miniflers that compelled them, ©r that let them in.) Gal. 6. i. if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye that are fpiritual, re/tore filch a one in the fpirit of meeknefs : Confidering thyfelf, leg thou alfä be tempted. Bear ye one anothers burdens , and f fulfill the Law of Chrift, Let every man prove his own work. Note, that Paul purified himfelf as having a Vow : He circumcifedTimothy; He became a Jew to the Jews, and all things to all men, that he might win forne. Phil. I. /5, 16. Some preach Chrift of envy, &c as aforecited. Phil. 2. I, 2, 3. If there be any confolation in in Chrift, fu! fill ye my joy, that ye be like minded, having thefame love, being of one accord and cf one mind. Let sc'hing !e done thrn.igh Jirife or vais glory 5