Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

lí 64 Scriptures agai#f1 afeparating difpofition. glory; but in lowlinefr of mind, let each eJíeem other better than themfelves --- 14. Do all things with- out murmurings and difputings Ch.3. 15,16. Let as many a are perfeEl be thus minded : and if in any thingye be otherrrife minded, God (hall reveal even this unto you. But whereunto ire have already attained, let ui walk by the fame rule ; let us mind thefame things. z Thef. 5. 12, x3. We befeech yeas brethren, to know them that labour among you and are over you in the Lord,E c. and be dt peace among yourfelves. Tit. 3. 1o. s.4 man that is an heretick , after the firft and frond admonition avoid. knowing that he that isfuch ii' f bverted andfinneth, being condem. tied of himfelf. Jam. 3.1,2,13, &c. c 1 y brethren be not many Mailers , knowing that ye [hall receive the greater condemnation, For in many things we offend all --- who is a wife man and endued with knowledge among you, Let himfhew out ofa good converfation, hie works with meeknefs of rfiifdom : But if ye have bitter envy- ing andfirife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not againfi the truth This; ifdomdefèendetb not froma- .bove ; but is earthly, f-enfual , devilifh : For where envying andflrife ù, tl ere is nfolion, and every e- vil work. The wifdomfrom above, ii firfi pure, then peaceable,ecntle,eafie to be entreated,jull ofmercy and good fruits ; without p. rtiality,without hypocrif e : and the fruit of ricihteoufnefs is fown in peace of them that make peace. Mat. 12.2 , efissfaid,every Kingdom divided againft it fe1f, is 'brought to deflation : and every City or houfe divided aóainfl it felf,(hall not (land.. I have cited fo many Texts againi. divifon ai,d