Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

The necefsityof Unity. 64 and for the Unity of the Church and concord of Chrifiiam, as one would think by the very hear- ing of them)without expofitions or argumentati- on, Mouldutterly mortifie all inclination to di- vifions and hard cenfures, in all true believers yea fo many Texts as I am perfwaded many that aloft need them , will think it tedious to read them over. And yet I have caufe to fear left many fuch willfeel as littleof the fenfe and autho- r city of them , as if there were no fuch words in the Scripture , and none of this had been fet before them. Out of all there you-may gather, thefe rea- fons of the neceflìty of Unity , and of the evil of fchifm or divifion. Firfl, It is One God, One Head, One Saviour, and One Holy Spirit, into whofe name we are . all baptized. Secondly, It is One Covenant which all in Baptifm make With this One God; Thirdly, Ids One Spirit by which we are all regenerated, and One neìo Nature which is in all the truly fan- &fied. Fourthly, Ït is One Gofpel or holy word ofGod, which is to us all, the feedof our new birth, the rule of our faith and lives; and the foundation of our hope, and mutt be our daily, me- ditation and delight , and the food on which the children of Gods family mutt all live, Fifthly, It is One Body of Chrift, whereofwe are all mem- bers, As Chrift is not divided, fo his Body, that is his Church) both as Myflical, and as Vitible is but One ; however the Members and their Gifts and degreesof grace are many. Sixthly , It is One way of Faith and Holinefs which all muff walk in. Seventhly And it is One end andhap- I pinefq