Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

66 The evil of 'ivi faons. pinefs which we all expe&; and in One Heaven that we mutt meet and live for ever ( fo many as, are fincere in the faith which weprofefs ) : And in Heaven we shall have one Mind and Heart, and One employment in the Love and praife of our Creator and Redeemer, and one felicitating fruition of his Glory for evermore. Therefore he that feeth not the 'neceílity of Unity, knoweth not the Na;rire of the Church, or Faith s or true Religion. TheHonours' and Benefits of UÑity,and thefhame and noifchiefs of Divifaons, may appear to him, that further confidereth the infiances which fol - low. Firft, Our Union with the church, is a 1gn of our proportionable union with Chrift : And our feparation from the Church, doth fignifie that we are feparated fromChrift. He that is Uni- ted but to the Vifible Church, is but vijibly (byBa- pt)fm andProfeffion) united to Chrift : fuch a union is fpoken of in ?ob. 15.1. Every branch in rue that beareth not fruit , he taleth array. He that is united to the mflical church, of the Regene- rate and fpiritual , is united toChrift byfaith and by the fpirit : For his union to Chrift is at the fame initant of time, with his union with the Church : but in order of nature goeth before it. He that is divided from this myfiical Church, can- not poflìblÿ (at that time) be a Member of Chrift in the fpiritual fenfe : As the member which is cut off from thebody, is alfo feparated from the Head. And he thathimfelf forfaketh the l'if ble Church as fuch, forfaketh the m?fical Church and Chrift himfelf. For to fotlake the ViibleChurch as