Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

of Church Unity. 67 as fuch, is to ceafe to be a Profeffor of Chrif}iani- icy. One may be a Member of the Vifible Church, and not of the fpiriteaal;,,; but you cannot be a Member of the fpiritualChurch, if you forfake and refufe the vifible Church as fuch. Por though a man may be regenerate by the Spirit; before he make an openprofeffion or be baptized ( and with- out baptifm in fome few cafes )_ yet fo he can- not be, ifhe refufe to be a Profeffor. $ts. pofïìble indeed tobe a member of the laniverfal Church, both as fl4yflical, and as Vifible; as fpiritual and as profefing while we have not Opportunity to joynwith any one particular Church, or to fe- parate from fome particular Church, without rep. rating from the univerfal r But to feparate from the univerfal Church , is to feparate frail Cbrijt.` But then you mull underhand , that the llni verfal Vifible Church is nothing elfe, but all pro- Aging Chrifinns in.the world, áf vifibly fubjeEled tó Chriji ad their Dead And that there is no fuch thing in being, as the Papifis call the Gatholick br univerfal Church ; that is, the univerfality of chrifrians fìsbjeiled to one Vicar of Chrifi a their Head, either Cón/titutiveor Governing. Such a pre- tendedHead is an Ufurper and no true authorized Vicar of Cl rifI And therefore fuch a Churchal fuch, : is nothing but a, company of feduced Chr99 Mans, following fuch a traiterous Ufurper. And to feparate from thePope,is not to feparatefron Chrift or from his Church. Secondly, Confider allo, that Union ís not on= ly an Accident of the church, but is part of its eery effence , without which it can be no church, H and i