Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

68 Necefszty ®f ChurcbZtrity, and without which we can be no members of it. It is noKingdome, no City , no family, and fo no Church, which doth not confin cf United members : As it is nohoufe which con1ifteth not of united parts. And he is no Member which is not united to thewhole. It is the great coùrfe of mens boldnefs in dividing ways , that they _take union to be but fame laudable accident, while it may be had ; whichyet in fame cafes we may be without : and think that feparations are tollerable faults,even when they are forced to confefs them faults: But they do not confider that Vnity is neceffary to the being of the Church , and to the being dour own Chriflianity. Read r Cor. a Ephef 4. Thirdly , Remember alto that our Vniorrt is neceflary to our Communion with Chrift and with his Church : and toall the bleftìngs and benefitsoffuckcommunion. yob. 15. 4. Abide inme, and .I in you : As the branch cannot bear fruit of it felf, except it abide in the Vine ; no more cm ye, except ye abide in me : !Cr. zsithout me, )e can do nothing. If a man abide not' in me , he is call forth as a branch , and is withered and men gather them , and caft them into the fire , and they are burned. And Col. 2. 19. From the Head all the body by joynts and bonds kavingnourifhment mintflred and knit together , increafeth with the increa_je of Çcd. The member that is cut eff from the body, hath no life or nourishment from the head or from the body, but is dead : He that is out cf the Church is without the Tea- ching, theholy worfhip, the prayers, and the difcipline of the Church a and is out of the way