Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

3. LOVE is not an appurtenance of my Religion, but my Religion it (cii. God us Love, andhe that dwelíetb in Love dsrelleth in eod, andGodin him : (who can fpe It a higher word of any thing in all the worid ?) Love is the end offaith, and faith is but the Bellows to kindle Love : Love is the ful- filling of all the Law; the endof the Gol ,psi;the nature and markof thrifts pilcï- pies ; the divine nature ; . the funi of poli- nefs to the Lord; the proper note by which to know , what is the man , and what his Rate, and how far any of his other ads are acceptable unto God : without which if we had all knowledge and belief all gifts of utterance and higheft profeffion , we were but as founding Brais , and as a tinkling Cymbal. And if all our goods were given to thepoor, and our bodies to the fire , it wouldprofit nothing. Love is our foretaft cf Heaven , and the perfeäionof it is Hea- ven it (elf , even the ifate and work of An- gels and ofSaints in glory. And he that is angry with me, for calling men to Love, is angry for calling them toHolinefs to God and Heaven. Holin e fs which is againft Lone isacontradiéion : It is a deceitful .name, which Satan putteth upon unholinefs. All Church principles which are againft Uni- .Cerfal Love, are againft god, and IHolineff, and