Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Unity is our firength. 69 way where the fpirit doth come ; and ou of the;Socifty which Chriff is fpecially related to : For he is the Saviour of his body ; And if we leave his hofpital, we cannot expel the pre- fence and help of thePhyfician : Nor will he be a Pilot to them who forfake his Ship : Nor a Captain to them who feparate from his Ar- my Out of this Ark , there is nothing but `a deluge ; and no place aof relf or fafety for a foul. Fourthly, The Unity of Chriffians is their fe- condaryflrength': Their primary flrength is ('hrifsf' and theSpirit of grace which quickeneth them And their fecondary ffrength is their Onion among thernfelves : Separation from Chrifl depriveth men of the farfl ; andfep.aration from one another depri- veth them of the Jecond. An 4rm); is ffronger than a mein : And a Kingdom than a Jingle perfon : Aflame will burn more firongly than a(park: And thewaves of the Ocean are more forcible than a fingle drop A threefold Cord id not eafly triken. Therefore it is that weak Commonwealths do feek 'to firengthen themfelves by confederacies with other States. The Church is likened to an Army with Banners ; both, for their Nambers, their Concord, and their Order. And therefore Chriff faith that a Kingdom divided cannot /land. Union is the Churches ftrenQth : And what goad foever they may pretend, Dividers are certainly the weakeners and deftroyers of the Church : And as thofe means which bell corroborate the body, and fortifie the fpirits, dobell cure many particular difeafes, which no mBans woulde 're whilíf nature isdebilitated : So the Churches H 3 difea[es