Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

70 Satans way ofReformation. difeafes beat cured, by uniting fortifying retne dies, which will be increafed by a dividing way ofReformation : Dividing is wounding' and uni- ting is the doling of the wound. There is no good work but Satan is a preten- der to it, when he purpofeth to deftroy it : He retaeth Light as an Angel of Light and his Mi- nifters hinder Righteoufneft, as pretended Minifters of Righteourneft : And he will be a z.ealosss Refor- mer when he would hinder Reformation. And this is the mark of Satans way of Reformation : He loth it by by dividing the Churches of Chrift, and teaching ChriUUians to avoid each ether : And to that end he zealously aggravateth the faults of e- very party to the rei ; that theymay have odious thoughts of one another ; and Chriftian Love may be turned into averfation : As in the Plague time every one is afraid of the breath and com- pany of his neighbour, and they that were wont to aífemble and converfe with peace and pleafure, do timeroufly shun the prefence of each other ; becaufe they know that it is an infeetious time,` and they are uncertain who is free : even fo Both Satan break the focieties and converfe of Chritli ans, by making them believe that every party bath fom` dangerous infection, which as they, love their fouls, they muff avoid. And hede(lroyeth your Love to one another, by pretending Love toyourfcives : Q. how careful will he be for your fouls ! when the Devil would undo you,, he will do it as your Saviour And when his meaning is to fave you from Heaven,and fromCheiti, and from his Pavinggrace, and from Union and Communion with his Church,, and from