Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Bow Satan killeth Love. . . from the impartial Love of one another, he takes on him that he is faving you only from fin and :from Chi rch-corruptions : Or rather that it is Chre and not he that giveth you counfel : And he can do much in imitating Chrifi, in the manner of his fuggeltions,, to make you believe that it it Chrift indeed. Perhaps his counfel Mall come in in the midi} ofa fervent prayer, or prefently after it, to make you believe that it is an undoubted anfwer of your prayers: And oft times his im- pulfes are vehement and much aflèaing, to make you think that it is fornething above nature : And thepious pretence will much perfwade you to think that fare this cannever come from an evil fpirit But if you had well fiudied 2 Cor. it . $ 3, t 4, t:5, Ggl.t. S. Luke 9.55'. r foh.4,1t ,2 2 Thef. 2, 2, you might be vifer and be faved from this deceit. I will not recite the words, becaufe I would have you turn to them, and ferioully fiudy them. And in this dividing :n'ork,, theDevil Both as make-bates do, who firfi gdes to one man and tell him a talewhat fuch a one Paid agaird him, and what a dangerous perfon he ís9 and then go to the .other and fay as much of the lira tohim : $o the Devil faith to the Presbyterian, .0 takeheed c_.. the Independents ! and to the ;Independents , Take heed of thefe Presbyterians; To the Ana- baptift he fuggefieth, Avoid .thefe Proteftants : Take heedof them,for they Baptize - infants : And to theProteíiants he faith, Take heed of thefe Anabaptifls,for they are againft baptizing.any till they come to full age : To One he faith , Away from that Church, or thinknot thole perfons to 1-3 4 be