Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

72 The Devils Reformation. be religious; for they pray by thebook : And to the other he faith, Takeheed of thofe people, as whimfical andproud, andbrainfick fanaticke; -for they pray without-book by the Spirit. Toone fort he faith,l ake heed of thofepeople, for they wear a Surplice, or Kneel at the Sacrament, or anfwer the Priefis in the Refponfes of the Common- prayer To the other he fait, Take heed of thefe difobedient, flubborn, felfconceited people that will fit at the Sacrament , and wjll not conform to the orders of the Church. I am not now minding whofe opinion is right or wrong, among all thefe parties, or any like them; But how charitable to your fouls the Devil is, when he would defiroy your charity and your /ouhs ; and how piorh and kindly he would have you take heed when he would lead you to perdition : and how great a Reformer he will be , if he may but do it by Dividing. It may be the youngunexperienced Schifmatick (of what fe& foever) will diflaft.thefe words, and think I fpeak like an adverfary to Reformation : And fo the Devil would make h m think, of all ether Chriflians as well as of me,except his party. ,Bat if one should give fach counfel for the pre- fervationof his own health and bodily comfort, as theDividing fpirit giveth him for the Church and for his foul, he would quickly underhand it, ac- cording tomy prefent fenfe. Ifone fhould come in kitadnefstb him and bid him, [ O take heed of that mouth and belly ; for it getteth nothing, but devoureth all that the hands' do get by labour : Cut off that hand, for it hath a crooked finger : Cut off that gouty foot that it may not trouble the