Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

78 Çam. 3. 13, &C. paraphrafed, Love and preaching up hatred, and making thofe that differ from them feem an odious people not to be communicated with , by aggravating their different opinions or modes ofworfhip, till they feem to beno lefs than Herefe or Idolatry. If many thoufands yet living in England or Ireland, had not heard this with their ears, yet lames may be believed, Chap. 3. i, &c. My Brethren, be not many Teaching- Rafters ( for that is the word) knowing that we pall hall receive the greater condemnati- on For in many things we offend all (which he ad- dethbecaufe the arrogancy ofSe&aries was caufed by the aggravating of other mens offences.) Ifany man offend not in word, the fame is a perfeti man ( that is, If you will, Phew that you; are perfeaer & better your felves than thofe whom you account fo bad , fee that your foul backbiting, reviling, cenforious contentious tongues, do not prove the contrary) 3 ;who is a wife man and enduedwithknow- ledge among you s Let,him !hew out of agood conver(a.; tion , his works with meeknefs of wifedome i (that is, Let him that would be thought More knowing and religious than his neighbours , be fo much more blaínelefs and meek to all men, and excel them in good works) v. 14 But ifye have a bitter" zeal: (for fo is the Greek word) andfirife inYour .hearts, glory not, (in fuch a zeal, or in your grea ter knowledge) and lie not againfl the truth. z ï. This wifdome defcendeth not from above ( isyou ima= gine whofather it on Gods word and fpírit) but is earthly, fenfual (or natural) and devillifh; ( doleful miftake ; that the world, theflefh, and the Devil, fhould prove the caufe of that conceited fpiritual knowledge and excellency, which thy .,. thought