Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

and the Churches life. And he that faith , he loveth God, and hateth his Brother is a Lyar. Tobe holy without Love , is to fee without light, to live without life. He that faid, The wifdom from above is f rfi cure, then parable, gentle, &c. did no more dreamof feparating them, thenofdividing the head of a man from his heart, to fave his life: yam. 3. 17. Nor nomote than he that faid, Fellow Peace with all men , and Holinefs Heb. 12.14. No neceffity can juftifie fuch a divilon : Holinefs and Leve to God, are but twonames for one thing. Love to God and toman, are like Soul and Body, thatare feparated no way but by death. Love and Pexceablenefs, differ but as Reafon and Rea- foning : Love may be without Pa[Jive Peace (from others tous,) but never without A- ive Peace (from us toothers.) 4.1 have had fo great opportunity inmy time, to fee the working of the myfterie of iniquity, againft Chriftian Love, and to fee in what manner Chriíls Houfe and King- dome is edified by divifions , that if I be ignorant after filch fad experience , I muff be utterly unexcufable , and of a feared Confcience, and a heart that feemeth har- dened to perdition. God knoweth how hardly fin is known in its ferret root , till men have rafted the bittercuefs of the fruit: Therefore