Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

.i eforrawithout dividingö 79 thought had been the infpiration of the fpirit ì vv. 16. For where zeal andfirife i (that is,aftri- ving contentious zeal againfl brethren) there ía confreeon (or tumult and unquietnefs) and every evil work,O lamentable reformers,that fet up eve- ry evil work, while they feemed zealous againff evil ! ) v.17. But the wifdome that isfrom above,is firft pure, thenpeaceable, gentle, and eafe to be intrea.. ted ; full of mercy andgood fruits ; without partiali- ty (or wrangling) and without Hypocriße. Amt the fruit ofrighteoufnef is fowl in peace, of them that make peace : whenpeace-breakers that fow in di- vifions and contention, shall reap the fruit ofun- righteoufnefs, though they call their way by the molt religious names. Thus I have briefly 'fhewed you what Vgnity and Divifionare, that wrong apprehenfions draw, younot to fin. DIRECT. VIII. When any thing needeth amendment in the Church, remember that the II Chriftian, mull be the forwardeft to reformation and the backwardefi to Divifien : and muff fearch and try all means of &eforming, which make not again/J the concordof the Church. Do not here determine in what cafes you may IL or may not 'feparate , from any company of faultyChriflians. I only fay that you muff never feparate what God path conjoyned ; the ilolinef: and