Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Church - office uece(jary, $s Firft, it is here fuppofed that the perfon is not apro£efï'ed4pofiate : For there needeth no cafting out of fuch. He that turneth Turk or Heathen, or openly renonnceth Chriftianity ,- or ceafeth the Profeffìonofit, Both go out of the Churchhim fell, -and needeth not to be caf -at. Unlefs it be any Tyrant whowill come to the Communion in fcòrn, while he profeffeth but to thew his law- lefs will. He thatfeeketh the Comrnunionof the Church ira fobriety, thereby profeffeth himfelf a Chriftian. and for fach as being 'Baptized con- tinue this profeflïon, Chrifis way of rejecting . them-is plainly defcribed in the Gofpel. Mat. t8. 15, Y 6. If thy brotherfball trefpafs aga4 thee, go and tell hin, his fault between thee and him alone. If he(hall hear thee , thouhaft gained thy brother : But if be will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more ; that in the mouthof two or three witnjet every nordmay be eftabli'hed And if he 'hall negleel to bear them, tell it to the Church But if he negleë to bear the Church, let him be to thee äs aHeathen man, or a Publican. Tit. 3. t®. Aman that is an Heretick, a fter the firft andfecond admonition rejet. it Cor. 5. re are peed up and have not rather mourned, that he that path done this deed, might be taken away from amongyou :: For 1 verily at agent in body, but prefcnt,in fpirit, have jndged already as though 1 were prefent , concerning him, that bath Jo done this deed ; in the name ofour Lord jefiuChrift, whenyeare gathered together and my fpirit ; with the power ofour Lord 'ergs Chrift to deliverfuch a one to Satan..--V. 7. Purge out therefore the old leaven N. I I) t 2 13. Withfetch 4 one no not to eat Do J3 úo1