Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

86 Chtirçh-Yuflice ncccf ary, not ye judge them that are within ? Therefore put away from amóngyoairfelves that nicked perfon. By all this it is plain that the Church mull ex -` ercife a regular courfeof jultice, with every per- fon that it (hall reje& : He muff firm be told pri- vatelyof his fault, and then before two or three ; ( unlefs, at leaff, the open notoriety make the private admonition needlefs ) And then it mutt be told the Church : And the Church muff with compaßion, tendernefs and patience, and yet with the authority of the Lord Jefus and the powerful evidence of truth , convince him and perfv ade him to repent And he muff not be rejeaed, till after all this, he obífinately refufe to hear the Church, that is , to Repent, as, they exhort him. Note here, that no (in will warrant you to call out the firmer, unlefs it be feconded with impe- nitency : It is not limply as a drunkard, or a for- nicator or fwearer,that any one is to be.rejec` ed but as an impeni ent drunkard, or fornicator, or (wearer, &c. Alfo that it is not all impenitency that will war- rant their rejelion : But only ìmpenitency after the Churches admonition. Note aifo, that no private perfon may exr.e6l, that any offender be cast our, either becaufe his fin is known to him, or becaufe he is commonly famed to be guilty, till the thing be proved by fuf-3 ficient wimefs. Yea that the admonition given him muff be proved , as well as the fault which he com- mitted. Yea if all the town do know him ro be guilty, and witnefs prove that hehath been privately ad- monühed,